My dog ​​loves my feet

My dog ​​is a haverneser Poodle mix and 1 1/2 years old. He is a neutered male (only're NEN month ca) and its vergangenheute wat underwhelming. So he was all day care does not let out of the weather outside alone in the kennel and was staying with family. He came seeking very very neglected me matted with inflamed eyes fur etc. (just under 1 year). So jz reminds me more and more to it often settles on / on my foot Sets or or similar his head turn rubs (either head or belly) why does the the. I also have to say he is very affectionate he runs me always behind her even though I still have another dog but also still not much interested in why for.

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He seeks your close - obviously feels to you well - feel well your direct physical contact as pleasant. - That's zunächt not bad - but:

I would say that your dog has a pronounced bad self-consciousness. - That you should strengthen. - This is for example by clear instructions - also not on, but to lay a maximum beside your feet. - Consequence here is VERY important.

Remember that the dog is a pack animal and feels most comfortable in CLEAR (albeit friendly) shown hierarchy. - YOU are the boss - you say what to do - and without your statement nothing happens!

If you do not give him to understand that as your foot is not as doormat available, he crawls so long until he soon seated you on his lap - and then he's the boss! - That you can not let that happen.

Love for dogs is expressed on artgerechtesten by clear hierarchy (politely but firmly!)

If it is on your feet, you can not leave. So it prevents you let him alone. Also, if you now might still find it sweet that he is so affectionate, you should perhaps try by dog ​​school (or existing experience) contain a bit ..

He's just grateful that you have accepted him and he likes you easily. I would also suggest that he wants to express that he does not want such a thing again experience and that can not be the case with you to happiness

He lies on your feet because he does not want you to walk away he loves you and is afraid that you leave him sometime.

You're his center he knows the other in treating bad and you're always good

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