My dog ​​makes for almost 2 weeks night gross in the apartment ... what to do?

Hello everybody,

I have my opinion, a very serious problem. I live in a 2 1/2 room apartment with approx 60sqm together with my friend, our Chihuahua Mixhündin and our little Siamese. Everything was really perfect to my dog ​​since 2 weeks starts every night in the apartment to make. It makes even great in the living room in front of her crib. Pee she does. What has changed ... except that we have (now 7 months old) took us almost 5 months before our Siamese actually nothing. Dog and cat are prima ... cuddle and play a lot. There was never any friction ... on the contrary ... actually everything was perfect.

Always go out to their usual times ... does there also their business. You actually get more usual food ... well as they had done the last 2 weeks ever in dieWohnung, she got the last days mainly only their normal dry food and wet food no ... because sometimes their droppings was thin ... but mostly was the Konsestenz normal.

I am dealing with two equal much ... so there should be no jealousies.

I have not only the problem just with the dog ... and although my friend threatened me that if things go on and then the dog does not go, he will go out ... i -.- I mean can it understand ... that's just really an impertinence ... but oh well ...

perhaps who help me ...

The best answer

Hi, the question might hear stupid, but how many times a day they finished their business and how much and how often they get food ?? When it is fully grown, would indeed 2 times a day are, then I would choose a food that is better suited for Chi, one which has a little more oomph behind. Royal Canin only ensures that the dog makes more and more feces, as it should be, because it is simply not recovered more than half in the diet, but is only excreted. Have our a whole time fed with Real Nature wet food, now we Barfen. The Real Nature itself was not entirely wrong, only that my just on some substances in there react ... but maybe it can withstand your? Feces are way thinner when the body wants to dispose of the content very quickly, because it does not help to feed dry food, on the contrary ..... So your friend is first relieved odor technically can I place only near you to set up fixed times so you evening just before going to sleep again with her going, as late as possible and bites just morning the bullet and look to step out there as quickly as possible.

Change the Fütterungszeitwn so it morning and afternoon and evening which gets not stop and then a precaution again go out in the evening.

change feeding times would be a way that can help. Otherwise, it may also well be that she gets from the feed too much output as possibly some can not be utilized properly. DAs is normal in finished feed, as much garbage is included. Maybe can help a diet change. There was recently a similar question and it has helped. Importantly, no grain, no sugar, low in carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, corn, noodles etc and at least 60% meat. This can be much better utilized, because the dog is not designed to carbohydrates.

What you feed it?

evening again a long round go walkies with the dog. namely just before bedtime. and as long as she bit the pile has set.

So change the feeding times would ever measure a simple to implement ...

Royal Canin you throw really better in the trash !!!

... And the final round in the evening you can maybe move a little backwards ...

You can threaten you because of such things from your friend ??? A little more self-confidence when you ...

Other fish in the sea sons !!!

What do you want with such a guy who is already not sustainable in such relatively harmless problems ???

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