my dog ​​makes intentionally sweet?

I have a dog and it is in june 4 years. She is so cute and always seeks eye contact with me when I'm with my father (unfortunately that's not quite my dog ​​rather more of my father). She knows full well that I can not resist to pet them when they me all the time so stares and tail wagging the. Whenever I happened to watch in its near times it makes a sweet face and begins to whine and to give me pfötchen (even if I stand few meters away). Can it be that she makes by design because it knows that it then gets more beautiful massages? I have a very good relationship to her for me it is like a second mother and I have just eigendlich dear as my own mother. Thank you for your answers

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Dogs want a lot of attention and of course they try to do so with their gestures and sweet appearance pulling it forward. Is normal.

Dogs have to have the feeling of love one when they see the person on good terms

The dog does not know what "sweet", but he has learned on what behaviors you react and fulfill his wishes.

He has conditioned you well ^^

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