My dog ​​must bear muzzle

Moin have now for 3 months a APBT and I know he has from 9 months of age Maulkorb- and leash. I live in Rhineland-Palatinate and wanted to ask how it looks here with the essential test and / or whether it is the list dog counts here (not Please the term attack dog use because the dog help it what you can out of it makes :)) I am very a lot of time in the proper education to invest so that it essentially test the well is if I'm going to do in. This test I'll make 99% so I will spare him the basket. And do not worry I visit a dog school and I still have a lot of experience with dogs (grew up with them)

Thank you in advance

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So if you legally are holding the dog (Editions fulfill see Dogs Act RP), you can use the exemption for the linen and muzzle exemption or muzzle exemption, apply to the clerk's office, if the dog has passed the character test.

I mean that the dog (dogs List Category 1 and 2) (Pit Bull Terrier is Category 1), already considered as "dangerous" from 6 months of age. That is linen and muzzled !!!

If a dog before the age of 2 makes the test, it must be repeated!

Oh Charlie ... because you do not even worry too much ... You can see also the online landing Dogs Act for Rhineland-Palatinate - because then you have again listed exactly which dog belongs to which Gefährlichkeits Category ... This is namely in all provinces differently.

For the character test you but the dog practice ... Both of you are still a good team - then you can the character test without creating irgenwelche fears ...

Here with me near (NRW) are from the shelter Bochum even very inexpensive courses offered in preparation for the character test - Maybe there's something in you, too ???

I live in Rhineland-Palatinate and wanted to ask how it looks here with the essential test and / or whether it counts here as a list dog

yes that is APBT out in RP as list dog and the following provisions shall apply to the keeping of such a dog:

http: //www.hundesachverstä

@ charlie1997

You're already 18? Is only ne question, then you have to know the

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