My dog ​​often barks at other

Hello, I have a dog for a year. It is in dealing and other people very much and actually has no quirks, except one: you barks when we walk other dogs as soon as she sees it. In dogs, it has already met a pup is not so. It is also so, that when she sees dogs in television, immediately starts to growl or bark. I now know not how to wean her, since it is already very disturbing and beautiful for me, nor for the dog. Thank you apologize in advance for advice. LG Pia :-)

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This can be remedied to train a signal to which the dog was going to look in the face. If it - initially without distraction - conditioned clean, it will also work if the dog gets later under tension.

By simply focusing his gaze through the Anschaukommando from other dog away to you, the dog remains responsive.

Here is quite good shows how you can build such an exercise.

versueche it once with a water spray every time he barks Kurtz spraying then he feels that he should not do this know a lot of which are geklapt

Only needs to be found out why that makes the dog, I suspect uncertainty.

Best you look for a Trainier who all look at and trained zsm with you. Because over the internet you do not see what you are doing and how the body language of the dog.

Will you let him run with or without a leash?

go to a Dog Whisperer he will help you in any case and you give advice in Tierne you should not try it can go wrong except Tricks

Silk but happy. He shares with them. You entertain yourself but also

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