my dog ​​(pug) is something wrong

So my dog ​​is since yesterday so quiet and do not want to eat it is just who I feed from the hand. UDN it seems to me that her legs hurt dan have I turned to it verify and my mother said, it may be on the long nails dan we have looked at the nails and saw the a brand very bright white / pink is what is it and a brand on the nail tip hats in center can gebluttet the Trough land the Parasite the fingernails into the body ?? please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best answer

Have you been to the vet?

If your dog wants to eat nothing, the veterinarian is the first address.

If you have help here on the Internet want, we need age, gender, Spayed, where the dog was last what he gets to eat, how hard, there are pre-existing conditions and more information about your dog.

And even then it can be seen without him, still looking into the crystal ball.

Parasites do not go through the nails into the body. And an injured claw also does not mean that the dog stops eating. If the nose is cold and wet or warm and dry?

If what's close to the dog, you go to the vet tomorrow better.


dog is since yesterday so quiet and do not want to eat it is just who I feed from the hand. UDN it seems to me it before the her legs hurt

go with the dog to Nottierarzt (Animal Klink)! Here no one can say what the dog and how bad it is. Veterinary clinics are also open on holidays and on weekends!

typing here postcode and city and you are all clinics appear to you!

know you can hurt like a torn originals fingernail? it can also cause infections fiebehragen come.

even today there are veterinarians who have a prompt intervention - (you call with your vet n and there is said to thee, who has notdienst) or sign you drive to a tierkonik that have a 24 hour service -please before!

Show the vet the dog could inflict serious harm to so

How about if you your dog is sooooo important with a veterinarian?

There are people with a great professional, they are called the vet.

Before you sit down to the computer to tippseln - how about coming to call the on-duty emergency vet and tell the problems of your dog?

The number of emergency vet you learn from your AB-house veterinarian.

Instead of going straight to vet

Go best to the vet. It can otherwise put at serious risk.

Does your dog parasites? Unfortunately you write without commas. I can understand you badly.

Goes better zumTierarzt.

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