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Hay can I have a dog for some time but now someone has told the dogs see only black and white, of course, I imagine now the question if this is true please a reasonable answer :) thank you

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So a flat rate is not true.

Dogs have a lower perception of color compared to humans, as dogs have only about 20% of the pins of a human eye.

They have a red / green blur, but see it much better at dusk and take movements better true.

Also makes sense since the hunt is usually less important what color the deer exactly has it that it is seen at dusk and movement of prey can be properly assessed. For herbivores / people however, it is decisive whether the food as warning colors (red / toxic) has.

You can try it by myself your dog teach to distinguish identical objects in different colors. That works much better if you have a light / dark contrast well, but it also works with other colors when the dog understands the principle :-)

No, that is wrong! Dogs not only see in black and white. You will also see colors, but do not have such a wide color range as we do. You can see for example, blue, yellow and brown tones.

No, that's not, here it is explained clearly:

Yes that is true.

Cats, however each color can perceive red up on.

Correct. Dogs are color blind.

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