My dog ​​runs alone homecoming?!?!?

At the dog professionals, unfortunately I have never found this case ... My 6 year old bitch runs Jäcky- recently home alone when I'm in the stable working. It is a way of nearly one kilometer through the town along the road, I'm never gone with her before. It seems to me so that she goes whenever it is their boring and I am in the riding hall (no visual contact) The last 6 years there was never a problem and I was always glad my dog ​​during my time offer this outlet can, even as it is with other dogs and people. It also makes it only when we are here at the residence in the house, everywhere else it remains as good and is otherwise very well behaved. What kind of training approach can I try to get in handle back to that? Permanently offer I find not so great, because the other dogs (free-running). I am grateful for every tip ...

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I would first connect with a long line (10-20 m). That might indeed the allowable operating range not overly restrict Then as often as possible nachschaun, how it behaves and derive an education strategy.

If something happens to what has changed at the barn or at home?

Otherwise, I would tie it before it is time approached when she runs home. You could try a stuffed Kong zubeschäftigennwährend're in the hall are

There may be a phase where the dogs play crazy sometimes, when they might have seen an attractive males, yet I'm not sure, but I would bind when it comes in contact considerate!

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