My dog ​​runs at any way? How so?

Hey: D My question is yes why my dog ​​hinläuft to each? I actually do not mind because they do not bite or so people; but she always starts whimpering when I pass someone (foreign) and they do not "welcome" him (whatever) must. Since it is a 7 month young female Chihuahua; is the so idiotic when you see next to a small cheeping dog should continue, but scratch the claws on the ground and will in the opposite direction to you go-out (the stranger). Not that I want to avoid their contact with other people; However, I do not feel when I short time in this cold go out for YOU to their business does not have to stop a 10 minute wait to until the dear little Kinderlein and the "nice" lady this "rat in a suit" caressed have Please honest answers and thank you in advance!

LG, Taranee.

The best answer

Your dog is not trained. Either you endure the Gefiepse or touch ... For the purposes of your "Herrchen- / Frauchenrolle" but it would be advisable to impose yourself. Moving on, and reward, once again "at foot" goes! Or basically think about that a dog school.

You are doing well your dog any favors if you put him no limits - something belongs to "adulthood", and no other dogs are YOU the pack leader!

This has my when he was also made young. If people standing around and talking, had my back, stood there and listened closely. It was squeaky attention.
Was suddenly over.

Your dog has vitality he is still young so it is quite normal in small dogs. My dog ​​does that too and he is 1 year old)

Your dog is relatively young, and punchy. is quite normal because you do not worry about times ^^

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