My dog ​​scratches himself all the time

Hey My dog ​​scratches himself all the time we do not know what he has my parents have investigated as early as the Internet is just that we should not ignore him but that is permanent and not a solution! LG ;-)

The best answer

The following factors may be the cause of skin problems among others:

  • Parasites, such. As fleas
  • skin fungus
  • Hyperthyroidism or
  • substandard food, eg. as dry food, or sugar and grain-heavy wet food ==> both are a complete no-go and has not lost in the dog bowl!

The best choice is Barfen or wet food administration with high meat content without cereals and sugar, and with 2% Ash Recommended wet food varieties would include the following.:

  • N * TUR plus
  • W * lfsblut
  • Pl * tinum
  • R * al Nature
  • T * rra Canis
  • d * gz fine food and
  • R * nti (all available in pet shops)

... Where I would give fodder with more than 2% Ash not only ==> may reduce renal performance and promote bladder stones!

Note: Beautiful fur (connected to healthy, supple and non-itchy skin) is the result of wet feed accordingly! Not least because the Juckhaut of dry feed dogs usually disappears after changing to wet food or Barfen.

What matters worse: His skin problem can be a first indication of CNI (c hronische N ming i nsuffizienz) be ==> see the paragraph headed "How do I recognize a chronic renal failure in my dog?" of the following article:


"Should not a viable solution ..." I think so too!


The animal tortures himself! That's more important ! "Have been investigated since the Internet is just that we do not want to notice him ..."

Conclusion: next time, if any of you is ill, he should this FAILURE!


Please go check with the animal to the doctor and pass it on fleas, etc. (Please no preparations such as Spot Ons without positive result.

If all this can be ruled out, I would sometimes pull the feed into account. What are you feeding? Is there corn in it?

High-quality wet food varieties with at least 60% meat and cereals without help there often. For cereals, maize and soya are the main cause of hair loss, itching and other allergies.

We had the problem back then, but we have fed even high-quality forage (Fang). We then alledings converted to the raw diet because it is simply healthier and schwubs has all gejucke and scratching stopped. I can only recommend, so far it has no parasites or other vermin you so.

Hello :)

I had the problem with my dog ​​sometimes. Maybe your dog has fleas or mites or he ect an allergy to something in his seizure / Leckerlie. The easiest way would be if you will soon go with him to the vet and everything can clarify expertly ^^

Good luck to you and your dog :)

LG Gwen

Thanks for your Hife we ​​were just at the vet was the cause that he has given us new shampoo we washed him with it, and now he has stopped to scratch!

My dog ​​scratches himself all the time we do not know what he has

to find out could / should go to the vet! Permanent itching is an ordeal for everyone and also for the dog and can have many different causes!

If something is left untreated, it will only get worse and the dog, by the Kratzerei also carry considerable skin damage!

Better Alternative to the Internet would be 100% of the veterinarian.

Go to the vet! he Villeicht fleas or her a skin disease!

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