My dog ​​scratches his stendig

Hello My dear :) So therefore there will be no misunderstandings, yes our dog was already investigated animal Medically! So now the question. My dog ​​Snoopy scratching constantly, he has an allergy to flea urine, but no matter what we do these critters coming back and he gets even drops from the vet prescribed but they keep coming back! These flea collars do not help, sitting even lower. Flea powder also helps 0, spraying against the extreme itching, he also often get but now they are already back to Him (We bought a new carpet because it said they could sit in them, pillows, ... washed and sprayed with Defäkationsmittel ! and so furniture sofa, ... also sprayed (of course was when the dog for a walk)! have just things where we vet said, and our dog has long fur which is why he often gets cut short it! and also shampoo against fleas had we but it just does not help! last year we had almost 3 months to fight against these fleas with him and now it goes again! and he beist everything sore because he is allergic to them, yes, now we were thinking on whether we let him shave off the fur! Yes this is actually not whole purpose, but he torments himself with it and let him be always splash would indeed for a short time but help off the would thus not well. had you perhaps a hint? And again if you have read about it, yes, he was already more than 1x the vet :) I would be very happy about tips ... happy :)

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Hello worried you the tablets "program" acting in 7-8 hours and the dog is free of fleas. I also had a flea infestation in the home before Christmas. That your dog but not again gets what, you should thoroughly every day by sucking. especially the berths of the dog. Then the bedding where the dog is like every 2-3 days washing between 60-95 degrees wash and replace. The dog also good every day scour. Then it's a matter Schnell. Although Not part question but you should definitely time well informed about healthy eating. From pedegree until Bene Full, real Nature and Barf. Is really well mixed through. My dog ​​with a strong immune system is not as susceptible to parasites.

The best against flea infestation is certainly a healthy skin. As you feed? Dried animal food? Why fly the fleas so on your dog? What skin care products used to her? What's that so resistant fleas living in your community?

Yes of course this is stupid ... I had the same problem again with my guinea pigs but since it is naturally easier to handle. shave the fur helps secure the dog but is also a question of circumstances. As long as it is still cold I would do it in any way and in some breeds you should not do that-although this is the case at your I do not think so. To the coat you can be advised you of a dog hairdresser ... Otherwise I can say is do not take tricks of laity without denying yourself with your vet :)

And you also ever thought about to change the vet and possibly to put yourselves in the hands of time an animal hospital?

1. Please let these neurotoxins in the form of drip-ampoules times completely gone ... These vials can trigger epilepsy and may also cause a severe allergic reaction itself ...

Flea collars are quite toxic - especially if they are damp or wet mounted on the neck of the dog ...

2. please do not bathe your dog! Flush your dog repeatedly with an apple-vinegar solution from: 1 cup apple cider vinegar + 3 cups lukewarm water ... This has a slightly disinfecting but strong itch-relieving

3. What do you get to eat your dog? Which species? Perhaps dried fodder?

Even if a dog has long been a sort of dog food well tolerated - it may come after a while allergic reactions ...

Learn about species-appropriate and natural diet for dogs = BARF

see also: www barfers. de

Itching, no matter triggered thereby, Dür is every dog an agony !!!

How do you know actually whether you actually "expelled" all fleas after the massive flea infestation in the past year have?

Oh that's a stupid situation.

Black seed oil to help the skin against fleas and ticks and garlic in small amounts in the diet. Whether that helps acute attacks, but I can not tell you. = (

We do that every now and have never had problems with fleas.

So maybe r has lice? but simply times brushing ausgibig, and whom I have to bathe again! or trockenschampo! what is it to a race? and what it eats?

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