My dog ​​shakes constantly

Hey guys I've got a question to you is about my dog ​​(German Dane) she shakes all the time and his ears scratch cleaned I your ears already tablets she has already scored against fleas my question is now what can I make more?

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If the dog is still scratching his ears, it may be that in the ear canal (which is angled and you can not quite up to the eardrum look) is what else. This could be dander, dirt or dust mites or infection. If the dog looks as if he really has a problem and suffering, I would have quickly go to the vet and peek, who also ear cleaner that you can occasionally take for dissolving dirt and earwax.

Dog (German Dane) she shakes all the time and to scratch the ears

even if the ears were cleaned, it may be that the dog has ear mites. Go to a veterinarian and let examine the ears.

go to the vet and let examine the dog. earache are very painful!

mites, etc can grasgrahnen the ear plug, but it looks is often not a layman!

Then examine please the vet and on mites or fungus can also be an ear infection is conceivable.

There is probably a vitamin deficiency

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