My dog ​​squeals constantly


Can anyone tell me what reason my dog ​​just squeaks in the car? She jumps willingly and without fear in the car purely but once we go she's just creaky and stops the entire drive. Once we will have them completely impatient and jumps well everywhere, trying to get as quickly as possible to get out. Even if we are at home and we crawl it begins to squeal and scratch with their paws on us and tried to jump high. What reason does all this and how can I wean pm? It is to not puppy with me I found it because it was estimated at 10 years.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Our makes it well ;-) If only the nervousness Just not into that and whining dog then let it go away completely by themselves Lg: Honigbienchen00

What reason does all this and how can I wean pm?

maybe the dog is about nervously. Did you let them investigate the veterinarian times?

dasist an art jagdfieber- is then hyper excited - my former border bitch had also expressed by rusting continuously on while hechlesn was drooling, only when in transit .the whole rear bench began. she loved autofahren-- Weil then probably was exciting. until I thought of nausea, but then they would not be so without hesitation and very fond of the car gesprungen.viel it helps Ifyou in a box sitting where they can not see out really.

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