My dog ​​steals me the show?

Hello dear community I have a problem. There's a girl in the neighborhood and I'm in love for the first time really, and she likes me too. From time to time we meet together with our dogs to walk the dog, but it is there more to the dogs. Therefore, I would like to like to meet with her without having the dogs around us. She has fresh separation behind. Should I wait now and where should I take them? It would be my first girlfriend and I am 15 I am looking forward now on good advice

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Yes if you wish without dogs make the whole time they question but simply whether the time loss that has to do with you .. for example cinema or going to eat a city ice or drink together a coffee or something .. be creative and ask them simply whether they making with you ... if they join in then you know that it is not just about the dog;)

Could say yes;? 2've Kinotickets wanted to go with a friend but he could not if you had to come up with relish but "Something like that then you could vlt can a date at the movies ye then entertain or so

If you ever go walkies they just ask if she goes to the cinema with you :)

your dog says to himself: "Why should reign have, the show belongs to me."

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