My dog ​​takeaway

Hi folks, I've got a question I wanted with my family abroad as every year but we are allowed to take the dog with the coach?

The best answer

I would now first not just from going out. Requested necessarily the company.

As far as coach dogs are not allowed in the rule.

I always find it great that "freshly baked" Dog owners have always already given some thought to what they do with their dog when they go to get away with rolling eyes

That is the reason why so many pets each year end up somewhere on the highways and in the shelter ...

But to your question. Usually dogs are not allowed in coaches. It would also be necessary to clarify whether the dog at the resort can be there, because in most hotels and apartments are dogs namely also not allowed. In addition, it is not a gift for dog having to endure in the luggage area for many hours in a bus or a travel crate.

You should be looking after alternative accommodation option. Do you have any friends who might guard the dog during your absence? Otherwise, there are also dog pensions, where the dog can then "take a vacation".

but can we take in the coach the dog?

With a good bus company that is certainly possible NOT. The always put namely important that allergy sufferers have no problem.

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