My dog ​​was attacked by another when stroll Go

So I would like to inform as times. My friend and I went for a walk with the dog. and suddenly jumps over the fence, a large black dog, he went with me to the hip and I am 1.63m and my dog ​​is maybe knee high. So we went for a walk and the dog jumps over the fence and on my bitch lot. has bitten them and also on the eye gets now she has a bruise on the eye and has bled a little. we could just get away from the dog. How should I go there because it's not my fault. I go to the vet and jetz toward the bill the owner or more ads? What would you do?

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The dog jumped over the fence has, the owner noticed that? Do you have the same rung? Or are simply gone further?

If so, and later you say it to it, it would be for ME questionable whether the violation has adopted caused my dog. Is difficult. give Aufjedenfall communication and contact with the owner in contact.

Red but first to the people! This is a case for the pet owner liability, through the example of your vet bill would have to be refunded. Vlt the holder of that dog are quite insightful. Ads you can still, especially if the holder so do not see the need to secure their garden accordingly if the dog unattended running it.

I think about just when it would ring at my front door and someone told me that my dog ​​before the hour is their attacking dog, I would have a problem that those easy to believe in their version. it would have been better if you had immediately after the incident in which ringing, especially since no one, including the dog was not seriously injured. clear the Schrammel must be the vet shown, it could indeed be a deep, not highly visible sore, but would die degree of dog grad not. theoretically is the owner obliged pay for the damage, but prove him first of all that ever be dog was the originator. or did you witness?

Say to the owner of the dog. This must bear the cost of the treatment. Normally should be covered so about the liability insurance of the owner. A complaint of criminal damage is counterproductive because it first then the cost would not be paid in order to avoid an admission of guilt.

Hi! The same we had times. The appropriate order is

  1. Your animal feed, if necessary vet
  2. Yourself / supply the friend, if you also what happened
  3. Contact the dog owners and bring the incident there for language, best immediately after.

This is a very clear case for dog liability insurance. And if the people even what has happened and goes to the doctor, even the health insurance will make the cost there at the holder submits - or at least try.

If the holder of the attacking dog is as stubborn, because he does not believe you or the incident denies course you are first a problem and need to think out whether further steps are useful and promising. But better to talk first as a review immediately.

Greeting Don

First with the dog to the vet. This is now more important than an ad.

first time talking Definitely with the owner. Then the bill to pass on to him, so that his dog liability assumes the damage.

Legally, so: The property owner must insure his property so that no one who runs around it, is at risk. So you can ask him the treatment costs.

  1. blank dog veterinary care ...

2.Name and address of the dog owner notice by phone, better even personally clarify the incident, making sure that there is a liability insurance for dogs for the "biter".

and 3. ... to hope that the holder is understandable: if the incident already lags hours, he can also say: who knows where your dog has suffered the injury ,,,

Glad you like inform you and I hope that regulates all necessary things for your dog!

You can display it definitely .... He also has to pay for the treatment.

Display! The dog holder has not been taking care of his dog. Now your dog has therefore a bruise

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