My dog ​​was given away by my mother.

Good evening,

I have a question and need of someone who has any idea, any advice.

In advance, however I must say that I am 20 years old and I can also be completely sane. I bought early June 2014einen little dog on the Internet via eBay. However, I have made with the previous owner an oral contract of sale, in which 3 Common friends were witnesses here but. After about half a year my mother has the dog, which was taxed and insured at me, again returned to the previous owner and has made him a contract, without my knowledge. It was probably from a punishment from her side, facing me. The previous owner has now however been paid any money for the dog. So He has done everything that I can not get in contact with him anymore, so I do not even know how to do it to my dog.

Now to my question: What can I do so I can get my dog ​​back? Is there really still a possibility that I could get the kids back again?

Best regards :)

The best answer

I will not go a on whether the dog well it or did not have with you. You have to know if you have enough time for him. Actually, it should be understood that you're going after a working day to the dog and takes him for a walk, so he can do his business and utilization.

I would talk to the owners. Show them the insurance and registration. Actually, the dog would have to be reported on the new owners, the Versicherung.Eine reregistration is not possible without the authorization of the owner. If the dog is really reported to you, then it does not belong to them yes. Therefore, it should be no problem to get it back.

This can be done without your mother and you will not have to view.

So with so ner hinterfo..igen action my mother, I would first emphasize any help or kindness that I erbinge, also I would not even say a word. I mean, what is that you please for a truly stupid action?

Of course, you can by the pressure of an attorney can make contact (but costs and burdens the relationship even further ...)

What else you need to keep watching once to Google what they say.

I wish you success!

You've Last November asked the same question.

1.du live at home even with your mother! Your house / apartment their rules 2.du have purchased a dog with no purchase agreement, with witnesses but still has something to prove in court first 3 you are in training, will have a 35-40 hour week. 4. Then you hang your little brothers and sisters the dog to noon on, because you have no time for the animal

  1. even if you get a dog with anschaffst 18 years, you ought to clarify with your mom.

My guess is that you've purchased the dog (perhaps even without the consent of the mother) so now he was there, and certainly very cute. So now so slow a young dog was out of the sweet little puppies reached puberty and probably brought difficulties! Honestly their apartment / house their rules. You could have told you even an ultimatum, endweder you pull the dog out, or the dog must go. Honestly I think the purchase of the dog was not well thought out, as the dog by all members should be wanted. The true certainly not the case and it is often much caused a considerable stir. Why have you quarreled you to your mother, she is the dog track? Because of the dog? You've surely they asked why she did that? What was their response?

seen legally it is not io..aber I understand your mother, whom you have too little care you for the dog, for example, that you're always gone from your friend out because of the long way to school and the dog have parked at your mother, the more has children and a dog are working just like an infant ... from this view I understand your mother ... seen purely legal and sober it was your dog, it still

Dear questioner,

now you're 20 years old ...

If you look in your earlier questions, for example here:

https: //www./frage/meine-hund-wurde-verschenkt- foundin = user-profile ...?

... then gives all usern clearly understand that YOU have for a dog is not enough time ... It is not a love of animals to own a dog, each dog owner accepts RESPONSIBILITY for a living and to provide also means to be decent care and the dog does not constantly to bear on the arm and fill with treats as you did in June of last year.

NO, I think you shall love the little dog no longer able to bring back ...

See that you bring your training to the end and get a tidy workspace - then again you have no time for a dog!

Now you live with your friend - you are again dependent because you indeed deserve itself not enough ... Should that then go on forever?

With 20years you should be ready to think about it, you set up an independent life.

Then you no longer need to return to Mami home to the stove !!!

So a person would anyway only see my brake lights ...

Whether there now pending money for dog, you should first of all have to be of secondary importance - perhaps this has your mother deeply done ...

Moreover, the police checked something also like to see "family disputes" from - unfortunately a dog is still seen as a "thing" - and as you can wrangle up the pieces fly you to your mother.


let the dog out where he is now! Please try not to contact him - renounce any advertisements lead to anything the ...

... And put it as a lesson for the future away ...

... and before you ever hold back on the idea come a dog, get informed once about dog ownership and thus accepting responsibility, but also on the cost ...

Why did she punish you with it? Had it because the animal bad for you? I understand that not really. I find this whole weird, sorry. Apart from the fact that is a no go making your mother because ... regarded as quite sober, but I do not know exactly your mother's motivation.

pick up a lawyer

Go to the police. Your mother you stole the dog and sold illicitly. Witnesses You yes. Now the dog only needs to be retrieved.

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