My dog ​​wills not understand.

Hello, I have a now 6 months old female Boxer me exactly 2 problems that we do not get a grip on power. I hope you can help me there vlt:

1.) You still pees in the house ... According to veterinarian has tonsillitis and a miiiiinimale cystitis, but it can not be responsible, as small as it is. She got up yesterday antibiotics actually mean would that be also gone now. Whereby it last time not so very good effect. One could say is simply not well educated, but we did it by a loud "No!" and slight pinching made clear in the neck, that's wrong. Moreover, it has recently made in their basket-what now is really not normal. If she pees, she crouches normal way, then stands but on and Pinket still going on .. What could be going on ????

2.) She pulls incredibly on a leash. We have the little girl from Hungary and she has probably made a few bad experiences there. She totaal afraid of other people. Initially, it was so bad that they went with ruffled hair and thick tail through the streets and just wanted to go home. Meanwhile this has greatly improved, as long as you no one comes too close. So now she just pulls very strongly. I tried again to run the other way when she pulls. always is. the ergebniss that we went back more than before, and they still do not want to understand. then I tried a few steps to go back until she stands beside me, receives eye contact, and more. Also helps nothing. Someone told me; Canvas simply take quite short, so it has no possibility to draw down somewhere. She pulls anyway. Someone else said; simply aufen as if no dog here. ignore him föllig. I've tried everything. anything longer, consistently and naturally do not mess. And nothing helps. Do you have ideas what possibly could still help?

Oh dear, that has become a fairly long text! Thank ye durchlest all and vlt even have answers !!!


The best answer


Regarding item 1) "One could say is simply not well educated, but we did it by a loud" made clear No! "And slight pinch in the neck, that's wrong. It has also recently made in their basket-what now really is not normal. If she pees, she crouches normal way, then stands but on and Pinket still going on .. What could be going on ???? " Why grabs her your dog in the neck? The dog learns from the Pippi make is poor, especially in the presence euere!

So housebreaking: So, about every 2 hours to get out. That is not satisfied as accurate, important is to play after each, eat, sleep, and as needed. This can be 2x 1.5 hours or until again after 4 hours. It is important that you as the new holder the signs recognize when the puppy wants to solve. Symptoms and signs include turning in a circle, sniff increasingly, panting. Unsettled about toddle, beeping, whining, whimpering. Should the tots contact, you take it up and go to an undisturbed area for a quiet release space. Carrying him there. There you stop and wait to do until such time as he dissolve.

Why remain standing? Often puppies are distracted by other odors and forgot to actually dissolve when it goes for a walk, even though the need precisely :-) was so big most when they have their environment explored, they paint then. If that is done outside, you celebrate a party with your puppy who is so profusely praised, hugged, play a bit with him or give him a treat every now and then as a reward! Mach than what a puppy is fun. If it happens indoors, not scold your puppy, not a purely nudge into Pipi! No Kommunikation.das is silently removed.

If you findest a puddle it is still outside, even if the dog is outside does not solve.

Why? Because the dog associated with it when I make pee it comes out! And since you've praised so beautiful, and the puppy so that something positive has connected. Will he learn that it is better to break out! only out after the business in the absence of dog path is made. Why?

Most make the way you are tense! Unconsciously, of course, hums to himself, or else there is a "Hmm" or sigh. An annoyed posture has safely. That should your puppy if none perceive that in doing so it combines bad. Cleaned the place good best Essigreiniger, the body should still smell of pee, the chance very large, which is the puppy go to the same place again. ausrubbeln carpets as well and clean. Replace with If or remove the time being!

It is important to scold the puppy on garkeinen event. Because he only learns the business do what is bad and it is negative, in your presence to dissolve. Then he will make it probably secretly!

A tip for the night go, go to sleep just before, again out with the puppy. Take him overnight into the bedroom, close the door and teach him a bowl and place to sleep. Close the door, therefore, the better you realize when the puppy is restless and he was not about tapst in the whole house / home. Imagine also optionally an alarm clock. With every week of life, the puppy can control his bladder longer. Although times 2-3 weeks of rest was, and it is once again what in the apartment. Do not despair, patience and head high. Assuming it really is clarified that the dog health is nothing missing.

Regarding item 2) "I tried again to run the other way when she pulls ie. Always. With the ergebniss that we have to go back before running as and they still do not want to understand. I have tried a few steps to go back until she stands beside me, receives eye contact, and further helps nothing Someone had told me;... canvas simply take quite short, so it has no possibility to draw down somewhere pulls nevertheless someone suggested otherwise. simply aufen as if no dog here. ignore him föllig. I've tried everything. everything longer, consistently and naturally not messed up. "

You have several options enumerated the dog to train on leash. Sorry, I tried this and to do that, is not consistent! Heeling takes really long, especially when it works without distraction. Then a stimulus is an obstacle.

Well and really trust Seems euere bitch not zuhaben. The dog will also be removed from you, what causes pressure on the collar or the harness. He should like to go next to you. I'm sorry but you solltst urgently work on your educational methods and especially reconsider your methods. Consistently, the one thing I pull through over and over again the same, and not 3 other variants ....

The Pee: leave clarify by vet if they may have diabetes. One sign of this would be that they drink a lot. But it can also be anxiety behavior. So a dog needs to be brought up with love and patience, but also with clear rules, which will help the dog to overcome his fear. That is the approach to education once without "No" and neck pinch work, because that is absolutely counterproductive. Make lots of exercises, send the dog home to a fixed place, from which he has the apartment at a glance. Consistently and be sovereign, determine where to go for a walk and followed by no means the dog on a tight leash. A fixed time at which it once a day gets its food. After 2 minutes away if anything is left. Training with the dog tricks and work with a lot of LOB. This is your means of success, and the only thing. Possibly assist with treats, because the dog as a street dog knows no bond to the people and was previously on their own. Desirable behavior of any kind, even if you hold it for granted, for. Example, when he quietly stays in its place, always reward with a large LOB and support possibly with a treat. Just so you come gradually progressing and improving your bond with the dog. When walking on a leash, I would both go my route on a short leash, where he can do his business, I would stop and it slightly longer leash Enter, then it continues to attention. If he pulls strongly, you try it once with people who stop to take a lot of time and patience. Once he lets loose and takes eye contact, praise and on it goes. stop immediately when dragging and wait until the leash slackens. Not talking to the dog. Only praise when it is right and the leash loose. Also support the possibly with a treat. I wish you success!

Ye have a street dog auzs Hungary, so brought a surprise package and now the dog does not work as ordered? Such is life with street dogs. It takes a lot of patience, time and peace umn the first problem to get to grips with. And more time and patience and loving consequence for Provblem. 2

zu1 .: Antibiotzika and ne cystitis may well lead to incontinence ner. Both can reverberate (several days). In 6 months 2x cystitis? That's not normal. Definitely nben 2nd TA ask. The toilet training you have definitely ruined by your idiotic ineffective sanctions. The only solution is to rebuild. As the puppies every 2 hours to get out, he makes indian dance outdoors and superlwekkerlie. Is he inside wegmachen kommentarkllos. Please do not use vinegar cleaner that ensures the dog the agency still interessdanter place - own experience with 5 year inkontinentem dog (for poisoning): BIODOR animal. Good book to: Patricia Mc Connel Small business customer. All this only helps if health everything is ok

Penalty try only times I formulate cute ignorant or forever yesterday's employ. Punishment only works under 2 conditions: on the did MUSD always the same punishment carried out and within a maximum of 2-3 seconds. Since no one can afford is fine nonsense because dog linked niocht do it with his.

to 2. With violence you will reach nichts.Geduld and tranquility. After your description discourage ye progress. And please nen dishes and kerin collar for the abschürewn trachea only to a small mass f + ührt to fear of death and curses forward. Get NEN good trainer practicing with you. Such street dogs often stay ne eternal construction. It may be that you they will never be able to disturbing sounds.

DA yes your dog out, I call it now times "bad attitude" comes, you need a lot of patience. My dog ​​I got 2 years from the shelter. She has previously lived well as a road dog in Greece.

I have now already 1.5 years she hears still not fully and pulls even to 50% on a leash. For me, it is to be schwe rimmer consistently, otherwise the progress would certainly be a bit further.

If it draws, turn around and go in the opposite direction. Consistently, always. If you do not get very far, that's not bad. Then you walk just always back and forth, but eventually they will understand. She is only 6 months old, give her time.

Incidentally you can also bond with you build. Did she possibly fun ball game or hunting instinct? We started with the bag Training / Preydummy to train and Suki shown that we hunt go together. As prey, he was filled with the complete daily ration (or the daily ration was distributed among different dummies). At first it was difficult, but gradually it has chased the dummies. We threw it, it has brought us. Or hiding and she wanted it and brought us. Since we do go in Spatzieren training, the bond has become much stronger and we can even run partly free. (She has a very strong hunting instinct and would also hunt animals.

Regarding the "incontinence" I can not say you unfortunately.


if she draws just stay ma stand and when the leash without voltage is then run and give her a leckerli. or: tell your name if it attracts and if siw you see Staring and comes to you then she gets a treat (possibly with clicker) or: give you lift her a leckerli back and say foot and when it runs next to you and you're happy you the leckerli.

that's almost always ;-)

For the education you take a dog trainer and then replaced once the veterinarian or is equal to an animal hospital and bring you a second opinion.

From not recognized breeds to buy any dog.

With your pet you'll just have to be patient, go every five minutes outside offering, sometime it buckled then, that it is good, when `remains dry in a basket.

First: Dogs associate positive and negative events. The do not think about it. That means you should read them as little as possible "pinch" or by educating punish special reward chiefly through. If they hinmacht outdoors, look forward as great as if it is the best thing would they ever make can fondle her and give her maybe a treat. If you like the apartment, You can only then blame if you mitbekommst it directly, so the same immediately, otherwise they linked this with what she has done as a last resort. There remains the question of how old she is, if she is afraid of other people then force them not to go with strangers. Treat strangers as normal. The dog can feel that when you have a concern when in contact with others. Maybe you should check for the dog strangers get them when they see the dog, which they are happy and give you a treat. They might notice that there is something good to meet other people. It is important that you both, you and the dog, have a good bond and build erestmal

Your dog can not understand it, because you do not understand dealing with a traumatized dog !!!

Look wrote what Seshikas, this response is optimal and there is to add nothing to.

First question: what kind of collar you ??? I think a nice leather or one out of fabric and yet chic in a great color. And even if your dog comes from abroad, it has nothing to do with the fact that he draws. That's just the education. And not hold him with kid gloves. Get yourself a health Strangler, so a good Kettwnhalsband. Then your dog also notes that on a leash someone's turn. Even if he is en the first times something quick, because you have to enforce you. Dogs are in such matters simply egoists.
2. If your dog does act you need in the apartment. In my it has never done. Go out with him and praise him whenever he does his business outside. Reward him. And if he makes it inside, he has to remember that you're evil. That you can bring alone with your voice. Dogs are like children. You remember when we are angry. Then get him out. Otherwise it will always use your home as a toilet. And please do not blame everything on it that comes your dog from abroad and it was bad. There is also in Germany dogs that have very bad and now in the right hands they are top dogs without fear or quirks. Is it the dog well, he has no fear. And if it does not work, then log in a dog school. As you learn to lead your dog and can be give you more tips. Via the Internet, it is really hard? Because one dog also takes a look. But please do get a proper collar.

On pulling neck does not help - Dogs are worn as a puppy of your mother at the neck. Therefore, they have the reflex to become stiff so it's painless. My dog ​​(Husky) was closed down shut up until he whimpered briefly. After that he was toptrainiert. The dogs of my friend (2 Labrador) were often times pulled from the father of my girlfriend on the ears. which were then so super trainiert..die have drowned my girlfriend in front of times saved. Otherwise dog school. The pee with the dogs make way often when they do not feel very well.

You should already raise a little more patience.

You're in professional hands.

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