My father longing for his old dog! How can I help?

Hello, I'll tell the whole story first. My father used to have a dog, they grew up together back then to small, they were something like best friends. He noticed every time my father was not feeling well. That told me my father like that. But today lacerated my true story's heart almost. My father drove me and my siblings to a field. I asked what ever happened to his dog, and my father told me that he did his dog or had since I came then to the world and his dog was just as big and playful. My parents were afraid that he accidentally times on top of me jump when I sat on the floor because it was pretty huge. Of course, not on purpose but the dog could not know. My father said it was his own heart ripped out having to give him but I was important. So we were on the field, and he said at the end "and here I took a walk with him for the last time" after he began to weinen..und said "he is still to this day in my mind" it felt so in the heart that hurt to watch how my father crying. I came so itself not clear and had to cry with. Now my father is all the time so quiet and in thought. I know I unfortunately his dog can not get back to him, but how can I at least distract him? It hurts me my father to see that. Could you give me an advice? Would love LG Lea

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are the circumstances so that your father can have a new dog?

He is the other dog can not replace, but distracted, the experience I have also made themselves.

if that would not be possible, one can assume in most animal heimen patenshaften the go with dogs walkies and take care of them.

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Sorry, but somehow bothers me about your touching story of "timing".

You write, it would have been a very big dog. Their life expectancy is now not so huge - estimated at 10, more than 12 years.

Then you write, your father would have grown up with the dog - so can your father when he got the dog, not yet have been so old - 5 years, 6 years? You indeed writing "from an early age" - so he may well not have been older.

And then he had to give up the dog, because you then yes were in the world (also takes 9 months) and you could sit even (also lasts about 8 months) - a total of 1.5 years.

Has your father married with 14 or 15 years and you get that? So something can not really agree!

Well, if your father "from an early age" also means an age of about 16-18 years, comes toward the. He has been persuaded by his parents to give away his best friend when he was of age and in full possession of his mental faculties. Then you came.

Your father is I calculated a little younger than me. At age 23, I would have rather withdraw the compulsory portion of my inheritance, than to separate me from my dog.

He screwed up and he is very sad about it. That after all this time still torments him this thing, I can well understand.

Once making a mistake, but also means being able to make it better the second time around. If the entire situation permits, again to look after a dog as another member of the family, perhaps it would be a helpful thing for your father. speak indemnity where he then denied.

I would sometimes tap out that he only told half the story. Why he did not tell you where the dog was given? He will know. If he's not gone with a hunting family in the woods, the story just might have a good output. At least for the dog.

Just set times, so you can even find other questions, what is plausible and what is not.

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