My friend clings after 2 months

Hello everyone,

I have a new partner for 2 months. He is about 2 years older than me and we'll see just over the weekend because he works about 300 km further away. I live with my parents again, and he has his own apartment. We talked at the beginning of the relationship as it looks for us a good relationship and found that we have the same ideas. So everyone has his hobbies, friends, etc., and should have time for yourself. I also told him that was my last relationship very difficult and I became depressed and I therefore need time and want to take it slow. Now it is so that he will always be together from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening with me. He is mostly in my home. He understood super with my family and everything, but it is slow me too much. He has also already for the year just taken holiday as me and want me to Sweden (this vacation I had planned before the relationship). At first I was thrilled to have finally found someone who shares my interests, but it is too much for me every weekend to be together after we currently know only 10 weeks.

I intend to talk to him, that what needs to change because otherwise not long doing well.

My question to you would be simple, if someone has already had such experiences or can give me some advice as I understood him do that it goes too quick for me. Have just afraid that he feels rejected.

Thank you in advance

The best answer

I know that and I fund the good you want it to tell him because I did not at that time done and so my relationship went to the end. he is Vllt be first a little funny happen but if you give him everything he will explain nice and naturally also understand it, good luck :)

@ Sotnu: at the beginning he said yes, he every 2 - 3 weeks after would go home. That would be quite sufficient for me. However, it is now every weekend and he is constantly running after me. Last weekend I went to get only eggs from the cellar, because he wanted to. This is 2 minutes where I would have been gone.

He lives so 300 Km far away and when he comes over the weekend, it goes without saying that he also spends the weekend with you and not you then with your friends what had plenty or not?

That with the holiday you can say yes to him, but important is you talking to him about it, I can understand that something is a little restrictive.

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