my friend The dog chocolate gegessn, bad?


Last night we left my friend the dog just an hour alone, the return it has a whole bar 400g chocolate gegessn with 40% cocoa.

A few hours later she vomited and was up all night psyched, my friend do not want animal rescue, I have given her only always fresh water and allowed to stand, this morning she was really back to normal, was just tired, because you can still what be or I be no more worries needs?

Chocolate is supposed to be toxic to dogs ...

The best answer

Theobromine is toxic to dogs. Thus one should directly to the vet if something happened!

raced Absolutely stupid, but the bottom line is yes survived.

Now you have to send you the rather less worried because the dog will have certainly handed over. Next time be more careful!

Good for the dog that was not how you could indeed observe. The dog is expected but this time have come through the worst.

In any case you should take care better your chocolate in the future!

The dog haate Glpück. Because after so lanfger time you can not do anything anyway more

Watching besserrt and if it happens again sopfort for TA emetic give lassebn. Tjheobromin that guift in cocoa, layered in. Does that next time it can be over

Google times Theobrominvergiftuing. With wiki it is explained nicely

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, in this volume can not hurt a Trerarzt, goes !!!

Read this: http: // ...

As a dog owner you really know that you put all the food out of reach. Especially chocolate !!!

Occurrence of dark chocolate contains more theobromine than milk chocolate and can in dogs and cats therefore already in lesser amounts poisoning trigger.

The theobromine poisoning occurs most frequently in dogs, but also in other species. It is usually a result of eating chocolate; other products of the cocoa tree, however, also contain enough theobromine to cause poisoning. There are also poisoning through the shell of the cocoa bean been described, the occasionally used as garden litter and is readily eaten by dogs because of their appealing flavor [1] Cats are rare poisoned than dogs with theobromine, because they usually avoid chocolate. Cases in cattle and other farm animals have also been described and occur when by-products of cocoa production for animal consumption. Even bears can be poisoned to chocolate for their Theobromingehalts. [2] product theobromine Dried cocoa powder 28.5 mg / g of dark chocolate 16 mg / g of the cocoa bean shell 9.1mg / g dark chocolate 5.7 mg / g milk chocolate 2.3 mg / g drinking chocolate (liquid) 0.4 mg / g White chocolate 0.009 mg / g symptoms

The combined neurological effects of theobromine lead to an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate, constriction of blood vessels, especially in the brain, reduced threshold of the nervous system and thereby restlessness, tremors, and hyperreflexia to seizures. In addition, frequent vomiting occurs; diarrhea occurs. For fatal poisoning is the immediate cause of death is usually either a cardiac arrhythmia, hyperthermia or respiratory arrest. [3] [4]

Depending on the dose ingested can cause various symptoms in varying degrees: dose (dog) symptoms 20 mg / kg vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst 40-50 mg / kg In addition effects on the circulatory system: tachycardia, arrhythmias ≥60 mg / kg Additional factors CNS: seizures, impaired consciousness

The first symptoms usually occur within 2 to 4, in exceptional cases up to 12 hours after ingestion and consist of increased thirst, accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting and occasionally a swollen abdomen. You can expand the further course of the poisoning, depending on dose and on the circulatory system and the central nervous system and lead without treatment within 12 to 36 hours to death. (Wiki)

dogs are omnivorous, although it was quite a bit of chocolate at once, but the animal has survived. there are "comments" come to be a missionary out to the virulence of chocolate, simply ignore, the best evidence is that your pet lives.

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