My friends treat me like I'm nothing

Hi My friends treat me as if I was not there and give to which they are in high school and I'm bad because I go to a secondary school so they do not want to seem to say to me reden.Sie'm stupid, stupid and so on ........ and I know you do not have to tell me I should look for my other friends that I already know but be the kindergarten we have been Hommies and now I feel so sad and alone for example, recently has me my (alleged ) friend just called because he needed something only reason or one's birthday and they celebrated in the cinema I did not know because they have not invited me then I said to my mother come, we go to the movies when I see my buddy what they say to me we forget you I'll do anything for them and for you I get dirt and insults My question how can I part with them without me cry? need because I'm a very sensitive person I always see him each only the good

Thank ye have taken time you

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You want to separate you from you? You're already not friends with them ... At the junior high school, check intended to meet new people that are not such ar *** holes. I think if you have new friends there will not be difficult to let go old you. :) good luck

You should once a week with all your friends do together. The best in a room with the door closed. Speak from you. Ask times: Is there a reason for the behavior? Am I so bad in your eyes?

Maybe you could even photos or things from the time when you are still been good friends show.

I wish you luck

Tell them the best that you not okay and that you can find nict longer want to be friends with them with your motives. I think it's always better when you again talk to each other, rather than simply to end the friendship only by silence.

If these so-called friends something to say about you and then think are there no friends so it's best if you break contact with them and keep an eye out for other new friends.

Well I would recommend you stop a final line must be drawn, as you even want. But there are indeed your friends, it is no matter how you do not just hiring. Because it does not matter whether one is very sentimental or not, as a parting is often painful. But nobody has said that life is a bed of roses. Maybe. you'll feel at the beginning bad, but that's to be better than friends with such people. But have you ever raised your friends out or tells you what your problem is with whom? If you say nothing, then nothing will change there also and that will go on and on. Maybe you should just talk to them and if that does not work simply draw a line and put the well. You can watch yes new friends search, also from the real, and so get over the "old". Because it is in itself not bad, if you now the main, real or schools going friends should not make a spice, because the school and the intelligence has in a true friendship, not to be the most important. except that does not mean you're stupid than encouraging schools because the school and the marks that can not say that. The are not intelligent but capable of learning that can namely be.

Well long story short:

Speak to avoid with you, and if they do not change, then try Contact

Hope could help


I'm sorry for you. Something you experience unfortunately always - especially in children and adolescents. Man changes at this age just very strong, going to different schools, must find new cliques and thus changed even more. I lost in the age a few friends. In 4 or 5 years they are no longer believed to be so mean and other people offend, but a friendship is then usually still not out of it. Nothing matters is "the strongest survive and the timid / shy / Sensitive be annoyed."

My advice to you:

Look at your friends very carefully. Are really all alike mean to you? Or are some of them just shy and therefore dare not to say anything against the other? If you look at someone from the group still hope that you can stay friends, then invite him / her time to you and talk to him / her. Perhaps you can DER / that explain why the others are so funny.

Maybe you have still a common hobby, what you all exercises. Then see which, though all in college, but after that you see yourself as on the sports field. Maybe you want to put them convince through outstanding athletic achievement. Maybe you're good at football or handball or skateboarding or in water skiing or whatever. In adolescents have to flay impression to be popular :-)

These are not your friends, just do not stay in contact with them on, such people do not take you further.

Heule simply, that feels good, and then you look for people who are really friends.

Just have no contact more you can cry but also it is ok

no longer Hang out with them, and if their example is at the same bus stop, do not alternate to them.

Just think they do not deserve my "girlfriend" I had known for 13 years, made me not even noticed but although we warn in the same class very sad but I know you can do it

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