My girlfriend her dog peeing constantly drine what to do?

Hey! My girlfriend got her dog from her uncle. Actually, the dog was housebroken only now he pees constantly drine. The dog is still a puppy, I do not know what month. She has a huge trouble. Although it goes every 2 hour even out at night but he just will not make it outside. Your nerves are on edge. What can they do? Please help her !!

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Before a puppy feeding should be very well informed about the behavior and nature of dogs!

To get the theme housebreaking under control:

Small business customer - So is her puppy housebroken, author: Patricia B. McConnell

The booklet costs less than a packet of cigarettes and overnight at the girlfriend when ordered in I Net.

Next, urgently to be ordered book:

Puppies - acquisition, education and care, Author: Clarissa v Reinhardt animal learn Verlag

then .... no matter how small should be the dog:

With the dog on you, Author: Eberhard Trumler

If your girlfriend is reading as soon as possible in the order listed here the books that is still a success with the puppy. Otherwise rather not, if they already now desperate.

Daum push & much success and enjoyment with the small dogs animals ...

My girlfriend her dog ... Jesse! Your girlfriend should be patient with the puppy to the vet and get him so that you can exclude or treat an organic cause.

It may also be that the dog did not feel that he misses his uncle, not yet felt right at home. Then dogs make again regressing and you have to have a lot of patience and be very loving.

which appeared with the carton in a basket mr pretty obvious:

http: // ...

Your Allerwertestes high move and walk the dog ...

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