My grandma is rude to my dog

Whenever I am or if it is with me at my grandma, she's always so rude to my dog. That is, it pulls on the leash or collar on, I remember that she has given her time one or two slaps and pushes them around, if it does not fit her where she sits or lies. I'm getting pretty mad at my grandmother and tell her always clear that they so not to deal with her, but she then thinks always that linen are there to draw dogs and my dog ​​is very ill-bred, which I doubt , My question: is my grandma correctly and if not, how can I teach her that it hurts the dog?

FYI: they had previously bred with dogs, so it has plenty of experience, but apparently no feelings?

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This is a problem, as an extreme animal lover I would stop immediately and by all means. Of course, dogs are living beings like us, and they also keep what we like, but when it is actually too coarse you should confront them with it, and for the reason I have just mentioned. It would also probably its not like if you would call after her that she was poorly educated, they would slide around, and they laid're on a leash, only to have them with this then draw rum. I'm not saying that your grandmother an abysmally bad person is get me here not wrong. But it's true, dog breeders must also build no feelings about their animals, on the contrary, they breed them and sell them then, emotions would get in the way. My advice: they Confront it and tell her that she must not change so with a family member. Otherwise, you have to think of you just consequences. Hope I could help! :)


When does your grandma that? If the dog starts the dog is maybe good on leash, he slouches an ever afterwards? The easiest way is to ensure that no conflict arises. Say the dog teach to go to a certain place, possibly even a box (here comes the grandmother not so easier to get), then it may in the apartment ever not be herumgescheucht. How does your grandma because of collar or leash? So my only for walking around the, and because I'm hanging on the other end. So it would be a Möglichkiet, they just do not let go walk the dog. Furthermore, I would not try on the objective level to argue (because one fails at diehard connoisseurs dogs), but try to explain to your grandma that YOU sad makes it by how it treats the dog and it hurts you.

My girlfriend hats not so with dogs. So I'll make sure you de Chaos Force does not come too close when she rings I send the band on their place and let them in. The dogs will be "freely given" when the initial excitement has solved and now know well, d ass they keep their distance. Opens super. the girlfriend can not get in trouble having to keep unwanted pets from the neck and my dogs get no trouble from which they do not deserve

Your other question blasphemous but difficult slept on it, that's your dog but not as well educated and especially you your dog wischiwaschi educate when he bites a child and you love him "slightly" scold. https://www./frage/unser-hund-benimmt-sich-mit-kleinen-kindern-komi...\_overview

But here is just your site, and how you mitbekommst dealing between grandma and dog - if we would hear from the grandmother the story, it would certainly be completely different.

I would say that it is you barely succeed to correct the behavior of your grandmother. But what really goes, is that you can grant to their command of the dog in any way more. So you no longer give the leash in the hand and otherwise possible every opportunity in which they can be the bitch gross, suffocating in the bud. In addition, it would be advisable to study literature by renowned animal psychologist, so you undermining their expertise, can thus give her in educational matters counterpoint.

So as it sounds you are exaggerating somewhat. A dog can withstand a slap (no punches) when appropriate. Distinguish between the action and hitting that are two different things! Among themselves snapping dogs also times in succession. A tug on the leash to bring a dog, and a good dog is out of the way! My dog ​​comes on when I want because of where it is located. My mother shoos away even more. If the dog remains lying and you have awkward about it rise, then the dog looks at the top rank, there it shall be as you have to try yourself to get around him. If my dog ​​but where is where it does not interfere, then he can stay there gladly. My principle is still that the dog indeed is a friend, but obedience is the basis for freedom. Only a dog to listen to you can allow freedoms. A dog who always runs away will always have to walk on a leash. Had he brought up so he could run free. And that your grandmother is there hinpackt times also ok. Dogs do that to each other and also from sugar they are not. Only when the dog down makes unjustified, then I would say what. For example, if they simply wegtritt the dog, all the time for no reason jerks on the leash or so. A leash jerk when the dog pulls is ok, but constantly and without reason leaves the dog only dull, as both parties have tuned no joy.

If you go take your dog simply no longer with and if it is with you then tell her that you ye dealing with your dog forbid her. Your dog is indeed your 'property' and only you can decide who does something with your property.


That what makes your grandma is wrong in any case!

Earlier dogs were not like today.

At that time, they have been repeatedly beaten and brought by force. I want to insinuate anything your grandma, but she probably has earlier also made it that way, right?

Today dogs are recognized as vollwärtige family members and does not understand your grandma vermutlci.

Sit down again together with her and explain it carefully. Tell her that she should please stop because it allowed to no longer see your dog since you then verbitest her or something ...

Lg. And protect your dog in any situation,


Quite simply, if your grandmother says, the dog was not educated, have you reply that it would not also evidence of good breeding with her when she would treat the dog so unkind. Threaten her not to come, when they would not change their behavior. It is your dog, and she has not beat, rumzuschubsen or go about on a leash.

Soso, it has therefore grown earlier. But Hmm, it seems to have been a bad breeder when treated animals so bad and empathielos.

Your grandma may well have been right old-fashioned educational qualities and maybe she holds her educational methods for the only right - to your dog I would not let them !!!

There must put up times also an old lady to be reprimanded!

She did not go about at your dog and educate him according to its rules - tell her that ...

If they do not want to stick to it, then just be an end to the visits.

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