My hair is so funny!


when my hair has always been so that they above (ie at the hairline) so little - have normal volume and down into the hair lengths megaviel volume. I have quite a lot of hair, but they are thin. They are wavy - curly (times so times so ... Do not know why ^^) and more frizzy. That annoys me up and that does not mean now that I want to have my hair smooth necessarily, but I would have liked not so easy (it 'float' always so) and less bulky. Can anyone recommend as a shampoo me? Thank you in advance! : D

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If you want your hair less frizzig who wish I would a nurturing shampoo such as The Oil Care care of Dove and then rinsing. If it's not better, after washing hair oils in your hair or jojoba oil is full good. LG

I myself have thicker hair, my best friend but also a thin and has helped her "Plantur 21" by Dr. Wolf.

An electric razor,)

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