My jaw broken? ..

I on Monday a dentist appointment you want to see my jaw times but I'm afraid that is broken .. I really want to do any operation: I / eating problems .. it just came so that I no longer on my jaw have got .. one side is with me normal again just the other side stuck with me .. have no pain or so .. teeth fit together in my normal: / only in the normal page when I move my hand, these noises when bones rub against each other ..

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Cracked seems not to be, because otherwise you would mega pain with every movement. Nevertheless, this is not normal with your jaw, so you will not come on a visit to the dentist around it. Perhaps an operation is not necessary, but here you no one will of course be able to say. I can well imagine that you're afraid (hab ne mega Ärztefobie ...), but also that your jaw up annoying. So go and let the dear clarify ...

If he had broken then could it not move and do not speak anything to eat so I would ask to go to your kieferotopheten and times View all I can hope I've helped you with this answer

I believe that if the jaw was broken, so you had tremendous pain that you would not endure. Also you could not eat or speak.

My uncle has also broken the jaw but he could then only soup or Zermatschtes Dining. But since you can not normal food I eat geh mal assume that your jaw is not broken. :) Greeting sebsl5

Did you bone verränkt or deformed, but moving is not broken of.

Must you not there to Kieferorthopöden?

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