My late dog visited me in my dreams

already described above, visited my eingeschläferter Dog Jack (Jack Russel Dachshund terrier mix) the last day of my dreams. From the beginning: my dog ​​has become 8 years old, he had epileptic seizures and we let him to sleep 2 days ago but have left there (ie not taken and even buried) him. Since last week I had 3-4 dreams of him.

  1. I dreamed as we have a new 'Jack', he looks completely the same and playing with his ball. But next to him by the late Jack was as a ghost, but I saw him he was playing with his ball. The balls have different colors.
  2. We stayed in a Deserted road. I raised a little young Yorkshire Terrier on it was a stray. I put it back and looked at my father and suddenly ran my Jack from his direction to me. I sat down, took him in the arm and said, weeping: Why did you leave us, why are you not here, why did you leave?
  3. My Jack was as usual on the sofa and I sat beside him on the floor and snuggled with him, stroking him, I think my father was there. So really realistic always. But I still say that, unfortunately, can not be in a dream.

Can anyone tell me how I can understand all that?

The best answer

You miss your dog, often thinking of him, in a dream you process your grief.

You begin the death process that is going away soon and has no supernatural significance. After the period of mourning is always followed by the stage of processing and falling with each person differently.

This is a sign of your sadness ... You're still trying to deal with the loss of your little friend. It's hard to lose a loyal companion .... Keep the memory of my son to the heart

If Jack has long accompanied your life, it is only natural that you dream about him.

He just lives on in your memory. And that's also nice that way.

Of special significance is the but certainly not.

That's normal. You are not yet through with the grief - it's all still fresh.

you've hiungegeben your awareness among

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