My little dog has unfortunately diarrhea what can I do?

said hello as in the headline has my little bitch honey diarrhea (which is ask me slightly uncomfortable) it was yesterday as yellow as an egg yolk and now dark brown and both times very slimy what can I do ???

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Maybe he ate what he does not eat sollte.Ich although do not know if vets are open in Austria today, but you can research time. Remedy for diarrhea in a simple way - has bewährt- the cheapest rice (broken rice) soft boil in water, depending on dog size 1-3 Kohletabletten and grated raw carrots, mix (raw carrots should be good against worms and we know the charcoal tablets from treating people-diarrhea), you can squeeze a little banana in the rice. If he does not like, a little chicken od. Turkey, cooked, lean under. It does not matter if he is hungry times 1-2 days, only drinking it must be much, because you have to watch it. If it does not get better after several days off to the vet, but depends on the constitution of the dog, sometimes you should go even earlier. Good luck Ing speedy recovery to your dog Honey.

If that still is tomorrow from the vet. abchecken Maybe something he ate last.

As long as no blood in it, it's good. My puppy had giardia and that was bad. Cook your dog chicken breast boneless or turkey, plus some rice. This is called Light foods. Otherwise with noodles. Drink plenty of water and keep warm. Perhaps it was too cold. We humans get bloating etc when it is too cold. Once you come back you can even go to the doctor. Give the matter time. 3-4 Days foods and if it is not better to the doctor.

A dog with diarrhea gets initially nothing to eat !!!

But one has the dog plentiful and always fresh water to drink.

If it is a puppy or even a puppy, then the animal is one taken to the vet right on the 1 day, or one calls the duty emergency vet.

A emergency vet there are also determined in Vienna; all the best for the dog

Bring your dog to the vet!

can I the dog also pherentharol (do not know how it is spelled) give

enter dairy products In any case. LG Julia

wonder supplement for: am in Austria 3rd district vienna can someone tell me whether the Veterinary today ish and if not who notdienst ??? am here only on vacation

Go to the vet! He can help you and your dog.

Since it then goes to the vet!


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