My mother and her brother standing in the Land Register My Uncle Says Your Is Only One Small Part Of 15000qm to the Land Registry Nix If further Drin?

How do I get Out How My Mother belongs only to her brother And Stands In Land Register

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In the land register Nix If further Drin?

But, of course, is in the land register on the "First Division" page, which owner (s) (first name, surname, date of birth) in what proportions (fractional values) were when and why the registered owner or leaseholder (r): -O

How do I get Out How My Mother deserve

? Request a complete Deed The Wanted found in "Column 2" of the page "Abt I.": -O

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In the land register must be necessarily indicated whom what proportion attributable to the property. So inspect the land register. As co-owner how much of whatever you have right of access or a right to a Deed. The opinion of the uncle can probably only be understood that your mother at a division of the land so many square meters of land is entitled corresponds as their quota share. Up to a breakdown the whole property belongs beioden jointly in accordance with the quota shares. Both can have only in common over the plot.

in the land are both without additional items, so 50/50; ergo each half.

That there is nothing "rauszukriegen"! When both are in the land and it is also not indicated what proportion, then heard each an idealistic half share of the whole. Since there are no terms like front part, rear part, right part, left part or a smaller or larger part.

If your mother is in the land, it has an extract from the land register with the relevant details. If the property has been inherited from the common parent, one would think that your mother and her brother drinstehen 50% each. Should it have been acquired by both, the apportionment is certainly in relation to the purchase price, so your uncle has paid 75% of the purchase price and allows the commit in the land registry. I do not know how your relationship with your uncle is and what you have for information about the property otherwise.

As it sounds, it is so that everyone is entitled the ideal half.

This means no one has a right to a certain part, but 50% of the whole.

As @ Coast Flyer writes all right, the best would be a division of auction.

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