My mother and her friend. .-

Hi, somehow I do not know how to deal with it and that my mother only 3 months with her boyfriend together sitting in the clink (he has anyone hurt or so) and now has free passage and he comes anscheined in a month out , Now he moves with us and I think that's not so great, I did it just happen not to know because my mother was comfortable with it myself and my siblings inaugurate. The friend may seem to be nice but I'm suspicious, I do not trust to shower to go or singing or piano playing when he is here, I trust me nothing and I do not know how to deal with it, I do not begrudge the my mother no question but that caught me off guard. how do you see it? I Übetreibe? I know that too not because my father was never there, and now I see the two make out and have to listen to her affair with the night, I can talk to anyone about it and somehow I do not know how to behave, and what to do might ye have indeed a little advice for me?

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Have you ever tried to talk with your mother about her new boyfriend? I may indeed understand, but if you are afraid of him, you make it your mother necessarily say! You will then surely find a solution for it, finally mothers're here ^^ So then what your brothers the whole thing? May they not him? If that is the case, your mother should think again if they really would bring her new lover to you, or whether it should not rather look after their children ... Although it is ultimately their decision, but it should you also taking into account ... it if you would talk to your siblings about her new boyfriend to know the opinion of your siblings and I would go together to her and confess her your fear is best ... if but you be alone, who has this opinion of him, you'd better alone and talk alone with your mother ...

Good luck yet! lg, angel heart

Why should he be in jail ?! So your response is quite natural and as long as your mother and your siblings nothing happens, you need to make you not worry. he strives for, to get / to be better understood with you your trust?

If I understood your question correctly, you yourself have not yet met him. If so, then your mother and give it a fair chance give. I can understand your reservations, but sometimes it is surprising that one ends up in jail.

Say your mother absolutely important!

YOU were before that man there. YOU are related by blood to your mother, the stranger new not! It is an absolute impudence that it has not opened or you asked. I would openly address exactly as you have just told us that.

If your mother also wants to include only the approach to good mothers in the world, then they should respond to it with understanding!


You exaggerate not a bit !!! Tell that to your mother, maybe she knows a solution

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