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Hi, As it is written above my mother is annoyed been a long time every day very aggressive and me. Unfortunately it is also occasionally violent, but because I am already used to :( Lately their behavior but has become even funnier than it was before ... She wants everything recognition when she cleaned it wants to be commended for like a little child. she thinks things out and then claimed I would want to play against my father. they also claimed I was the laziest daughter on earth (as a note, I visit the 8 class of a high school and am an average good student. I do wear more leaflets from 3 districts ~ 920 brochures. And I help with the household.) they beschipft me viciously when sleeps *** e ... all the insults just. I'm desperate, I do not idea how to make it quite ... Or I see their behavior wrong? is it not so bad? Would be great if you give me maybe could give a few tips that I do not go on genuine ... Or tell me is whether you perhaps also goes something like or you fared so similar. Thanks in advance Lg Alecsa

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Hello, your mother has serious problems that they projected onto you.

That's the first thing I see in your question. Now it is important that you helps embed this knowledge for you.

How far do you help your mother can be difficult to say, but I think that you can do as little.

Maybe there is the possibility for you to talk to your mother and to propose her a therapeutic aid. - maybe -

It is important that you bear no responsibility, you are not the cause of your mother's suffering.

Has your mother a friend who is also open towards you? If so, maybe you talk to her about your situation.

Have a satisfactory output ...

LG Coonz

What your father says, or lives you two alone? I do not paint the devil on the wall now, but she sometimes smells Alkhohol? Are often similar empty wine bottles with you around? If only as a guess of mine, because eighth time on it. Otherwise it could be that she is simply overwhelmed, however. Housewives get no recognition, I eg only hear what I forgot to do. That's frustrating when you spend hours dressing and wash and everything is taken for granted. I have today for example at 06.00 h had the first washing machine load, conn. Made the kitchen and the bathroom thoroughly clean and already baked bread and I'll bet I get made an accusation today because the window in WoZi are still dirty. Ask her even know if she's okay. lg Lilo

Well, know a man who was once with a woman who held the same reaction was like your mother, and after he forced them to go to the doctor eventually came out after a few blood tests that she has such a disease, white but not as it is & how it was treated. Either they should stop sometimes initially doctor, or it is one probably overwhelmed or even challenged, or has what can not process from the past, one probably brauchr more attention (it is in contact with friends?). Vllt they need only peace for themselves. As you can see, it can have several reasons.

If your father has friends, they often times one probably invite for grilling, so it comes out (if it is because) or courses go (vllt times Baby quite fond ask if he as not even comes with). One probably needs it also sports the aggression omit. Try it times to inspire by together 1-3x a week there goes her, she also learns to know which. Maybe it helps you press the thumb

Ask them something is their problem and accompany them to a Pyschologen. Is she working? Can certainly come from stress. Prepare your time a little pleasure as you bake a cupcake :-)

I want you not now give instructions as ,, go to the youth welfare office '' but I think your mother has mental problems, you say she wants praise like a baby after the brush, it should be clear to you as not does not fit anything? I suppose your mothers has only recently become so, maybe you is a fuse blown? Say times with your father or with a trustworthy person, maybe you need her yes with a therapy to help her and it is not at all aware of how she is towards you! Good luck

Just try to talk to her

Great story. Description of yourself? Have only times a psychopathic father, then you know what is real psychological terror;) Know enough victims of violent parents who exaggerated just not like you, nice try, but not believe you! All the best ;)

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