My mother is deceased and has 3 children. There is no will.

My mother left us a house, which will have no children. Moreover, no child lives in it. Now want 2 sell and not. What is true here?

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The Heritage Community can only act together. Individual heirs can operate more than one pitch auction here. In particular, there is no majority rights in Heritage Communities. The heirs are naturally obliged to cooperate in the management.

the house can be rented but there werden.Wenn 2: 1 is, of course, apply the 2.Es is then but also so that everyone would get from the 3 brothers, the same rent.

Actually there are only three possibilities:

1) One of the draws and pays the other two heirs.

2) The house is sold and the three heirs divide them selling price.

3) All three heirs wait until the house expires.

The one who does not want to sell, should be asked what further procedure he imagines.

Addendum: Right, is rent also possible (as lennartZocker stated)

no one wants to keep it but one it will not sell well?

Do 1/3 Vk is ne logical answer how many apartments, the house?

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