My name on arabisch..m

Can anyone arabic? And would write my name in Arabic so

Cagla Cicek and in Arabic

Thanks in advance. :)

The best answer

how to speak because of the name? Cala or Cagla? :)

The name is the original Turkish written: Çağla Çiçek what accordingly as tschachla tschitschek sounds. But it was also an original Turkish spelling to 1928: چاغلا چيچك Or چاغله چيچك In purely Arabic phonetic spelling would be: تشاغلا تشيتشك My advice is here to take the original Turkish (Ottoman) notation, if only because it is authentic.

If that is for a tattoo I would me a source of search you can trust, and not strangers can tell you everything possible.

زوج جاجلا يالجين سيسك

Give Just Google Translate each letter and connect them.

جيجك كالا

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