My parents are against my Internet relationship!

I am already been together for a month with my friend from the Internet. I am 14 and he 15. We get along great and have a meeting in Planung.Doch unfortunately we can see each other only in 3-4 years ... I live in Russia and he ... When I pride my parents in Germany told that had I have a boyfriend, they took away my phone and thought I was too young for a relationship in general! How should I my parents best explain that I can not live without him?

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Hello Perhaps want your parents just do not admit that you're from out age where your greatest enthusiasm was your kuscheltier ... tell them making your situation, tell them that you no longer are baby and the right to love you ... you should set no age when one is in a relationship or when you fall in love ... that comes all by itself at some earlier and some later ... but you have to be a little careful because you never weuß yes because who really is (unless you see yourself over Skype or so) ... but how in God's name did you know him please to know? Well I'll keep my fingers crossed ... happy your Vivi2909

Well-distance relationship is always such a thing ..

Can your parents I understand would not want that my daughter with anyone of the end of the world lives together. And it could really be any with you writing there are unfortunately sick people ..

So a relationship in which one sees every 3-4 years gives me no sense ..

Distance relationships hold generally not long, so it sh ***; P

If that is not Troll question: If you can see you only in a few years, which will go "relationship" probably long before that in the breaks. Forget the story, you will be able to live beautifully without him.

How do you, the he is so young? Vlt he is 40 years old.

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