my parents love my sister and I hate

Yes, I have the feeling my parents hate me because of the following: 1. I only stress and strife

2.they think me impudent

3.sie beat and scold me

4.sie have a complete control delusional

5. You forbid me friends with bringing home


Please help me :(

The best answer

Your parents beat you?

Sit with social services quickly connected. All the best.

Unfortunately, I know this only too well. Either stay strong and take off as soon as possible or switch Jugendamt! All the best!

Parents hate their children NEVER! The delusions of control is for your own protection. You fear that you somehow gnicht gen your sake will taken, raped etc ... will talk with them about it tell them that you feel very neglected you. Did you talk to them talk about it? Then it is determined to bring what. Is your sister maybe younger? Then it may also be so that it occurs only you so :-)

Your parents do not hate you. I think your sis is younger or? Just tell them the times you'll find it unfair and I think that but it escalated after that it will be better. :)

Since I do not think that the problem resolves itself into the air, the parents ask themselves time to read something:

http: // ...

or just google for "they have a favorite child" to strive. I think so the headline in 2012 was primarily.

Not only the contributions of the editors are interesting, but also often the comments. Maybe they see one or another story again and then be able to see how the relationship, your relationship developed when they are not ready to take you seriously and bring to meet you more respect ..

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