My phone heats up quickly ... even in airplane mode, what to do?

Hi Guys! I have an issue.

So: I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE and 1.5 years ago my battery is broken. Then I bought a new battery for my phone (the manufacturer '' Cordless King '') and had no problems. Until after the summer holidays I was very happy with my battery. However, he began early autumn to 'escalate' to '' and entladete much faster than usual. Up to an '' extreme point '' I took it further. I myself decided to buy a new battery and bought the same, because I was very pleased with the ... I used the new battery in about 1-2 weeks. However, this also began to be discharged more quickly. My phone itself, such as the battery, permanently overheated. Even in standby mode, and even in flight mode my phone is relatively warm. My question now is: What could I possibly do to resolve this problem?

The best answer

Reset to factory settings, if that is not urgent hift new cell phone because you snst the thing can break anything. purchase dirmal a anibetern other .. info minimize yourself on the internet which have performed well :)

I had the problem that is also ..

Perhaps not the battery fault but any app that runs constantly and the phone will be so warm. Possibly time to make a backup, restore the phone to factory settings and then watch times whether it is better. I had a couple of apps that battery as drag sau. Such was not to come to your mobile. My phone battery lasts days, depending on the use of SO 2 to 4. FIG. I have the Galaxy Note. 2

I would try it with the Clean master

Original Samsung battery and buy no imitation nonsense or new phone.

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