My pictures of my camera are viewed on the memory card in the device is not on the laptop?

Hey, have a problem, undzwar but I have a canon eos 600d and two memory cards branded SanDisk when I take photos, they are without problems on my device appear as soon as I (windows7 both) one of the memory cards in my memory card slot in the laptop or PC inlay and "open folder to view data" to go only my old photos are displayed and the images that I have taken in the last period not mehr.Ein employees of site on which I've earned my camera I meant was to the card format, so I have done but are photos that I have now received new I still have not angezeigt.Nun bought a new memory card (also brand SanDisk) but the newly captured images are still not displayed, it might be due to my camera? I need your help! In front of out ever thank you! :)

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Try it first time out on another PC. Go to maybe in a photo shop.

If it does not work and you still have a warranty then send the camera ...

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