My sister teases my dog

Hey: / I've been a few weeks Hund.Aber my sister mistreated ihn.Sie drags him violently on a leash and takes him constantly on his arm until he winselt.Sie ​​fed him chips and Schokolade.Ich wanted to keep it, they made me beaten and him a bag of chips to eat gegeben.Meine parents say that is not bad and screaming at me that I do not play me soll.Was I can do ?????? My sister is 17! When he lies down on the short walk she pulls with all his strength until he I übergibt.Wenn do what she wants to beat me zusammen.Ich'm despair at what should I do ?? I'm not one of zurückschlägt..aber even if I have the sometime, it proposes until I can not anymore. I was thinking of giving away my dog ​​because I can not help it (eventually dies still on the toxic food !!) But that do not allow my parents. Please please help me: (((

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First you make your dog give away or get help in animal rights. And then I would call in your place right at the Youth Welfare Office. A sister who together beats you should migrate to jail and parents who let something happen, should not be guardian!

Chips and especially chocolate do not belong in the dog !!!! Tugging on a dog until he vomits, ANIMAL CRUELTY is.

Your sister should be more mature at 17 years. Should they nevertheless times a size in ihrere Search.

Your parents, sorry but also circumvent one of the swatter, how can you so irresponsible with their own child and a defenseless animal. Turn to any time. To the youth and Veterinary Office or a shelter, maybe that can help you to make your family clear that so NOT with an animal and not deal with you

If there is nothing to do, it would be the only correct (if it would be the worst solution for you, but yes you have to the welfare of the animal think) to give the dog back, so that he can lead a good life somewhere else. Nicth misunderstand that is not even about you, but if that is not to get a grip, then he needs and best also you out of there. Perhaps you can even go for two?

So something does not go!

Please give the dog again.

Dogs are just not a toy and when not pulling the whole family together and to dog school (which actually should have said dog owners school) goes, the dog suffers you jededen day! Apparently your parents have no sense of responsibility, neither they nor the family is likely to keep a dog.

When felled is with you, please consult the Youth Welfare Office.

The idea is good. If the dog is actually so much tormented by your sister and your parents find nothing wrong, then you should ensure that this ordeal for the poor dog today. Inform the welfare of these things and hope the dog a new, good gets home.

ohaaa go best for animal amt !!! O: This is bad should mna .. no animal treated so! go to the animal office and register it as animal cruelty! they are then the dog vll away for now .. but that's better! believe me .. you can still visit him then and when your sister is gone then return hollow :) and you make your sister or Report View for animal cruelty! because that did not work and animal cruelty is prohibited. google numbers of irg which help organizations or go to a teierheim in your near and do not give up! try that your parents and sister do not know about it .. get the animal protector (or mans calls) over to your home and let the dog pick! Carry everything you need for your dog and what do your sister and parents did not work! do not put up with it!

wish him viiiieeeeeelllll luck!

Tell them, apparently your sister has not a high IQ that they understood it otherwise.

"I get a dog soon and wanted to now buy everything he would need."

and now "I have a dog since few weeks."

"Https: //www./frage/welche-spielzeuge-moegen-eure-hunde-am-liebsten -...

And if you, your sister "beat up", why do not you are making then your dog out so that it protects you?

So, chocolate is going to kill the dog permanently. The chips are a bit strong flavored.

I think in your family is not right over the dog training. Please consult a counselor.

Or you're just a troll who wants to provoke and will cause corresponding reactions.

please go immediately to the animal protection !!!

your family is not able to keep animals!

First Contact Social Services. Neither your parents nor your sister have the right to beat up yourself. Apparently you have "strange" family relationships that can evaluate only the youth office properly. As for the dog, so you should immediately notify animal rights. Google times where the next animal welfare is home. The care of the dog.

Your poor DOG !!!!!!! I can not help you but you must help him !!!! Take him to the vet

Animal protection switch. Abartige family you got there. Sorry but animal cruelty is bottom drawer.

I'd give away the dog.

If it is the border collie where your father has signed the purchase agreement?

https: //www./frage/schlechtes-gewissen-meinem-vater-gegenueber-bitt ...

What does he say? Tell him to necessarily intervene!

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