My strange life

So a buddy of mine looked at me constantly in the classroom, and whenever I look around and angucke by chance I look in with NEM questioning look at and look at me resist with a quizzical look and then always resist alternately until there is enough for me and I resist turn around -, - since acquiring month I'm in the verknalt -, - I know myself that he finds me the nicest of the girls (but that is not exactly a lot), we always take the same path and so and also keep talking together today but it was different the web was very empty there was any such Nimand I drine stood and he was three yards away from me, and so had a strange look so thoughtful about his life look somehow: D I had the same view and from and he looked over at me and I do well .... We talked garnicht aufjeden case I wanted to know whether he is VERKNALT in me or something ...

The best answer

the only he knows.

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Tags: Love sweet

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