My teacher (27) and I flirt !?

Hi :) now I have only 3 day school and never again because the Abi and the learning time :)! But the last few weeks, my politics teacher always mega flirted with me and is really cute, but I kept thinking, "Do not let it one, this is your teacher! If you start what you're flying BOTH of school!" But now I have no more school and he is no longer my teacher, because he has my cell phone number and has even asked if we want to meet, I ask myself whether this is legal? So I'm over 18 and he had just 27 and when he no longer teaching me, there is nothing to know him right?


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Sewage from first how serious this is, often try 'men' for a change what. And then wait until you're out of school out. Then, if there is still interest, he will find you already. Good luck!

usually when you're the student East it illegal but if you're from the school down, then who you want what harm? then you can do what you want, you wish the best of luck in your love and'll keep our fingers crossed :)

Once you're through with the Abi, her bears no relationship of dependency and more are allowed in a relationship ...

lg, jakkily

When wilt give him no trouble, then try him ers know privately to learn if you keep your high school diploma in his hands. As long as you're a student at school yet and are not yet released, he may get into trouble.

Of course not, if he no longer taught you.

If you are no longer his student, that's all welcome :-))

You can do whatever you want both

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