My younger siblings are threatened by a boy with dog!

The boy can often deliberately short the dog going on so that the running of my younger siblings go! My father tried to talk to his parents, but can not speak German. What can we do?

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Here I would refund in your place either display or the clerk's office (usually found in the town hall) make it carefully. The clerk's office would probably. better!

The SPCA and / or alarm the police! A dog is not a weapon and must not be used as such!

Since there are many ways ... first I do not understand what should be because a threatened rather he tries to make them afraid ... First vlt jmnd seek talking and translating their language can and when it does not change because trozdem could be a think display or vlt other options if someone of something else

notify the police and the proper amt. even if you do not have evidence, he will think twice to launch a sequel, if you explained to him that the dog is then taken away from him. do not wait, the dog gets from young false signals and thus becomes a weapon ...

Notify clerk's office.

Police, lawyer, etc.

Show, and was safe, then the German

Why your father shuns the way to the police ???

Name and address of the dog owner is necessary for a display. Children may not be at risk of / with a dog ...

... Because some people can very quickly understand German ...

Bring a charge!

Important are CONVINCED that can confirm the incident.

to file charges

speak english

Just go to the police, is the simplest.

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