nachbars dog makes in our front yard.

hi, we have several neighbor dogs, and in our front yard, we always find aa heap that .. not can be of our we never see what dog but all have the same vermutug .. course wirs not know. but must be of a large .. recently was also great to scratch the duenschiss from the bushes. you can contrast what to do? I let my dogs yes aucv not in front yards make ..

The best answer

I'd einlamineren a note and nailed to a wood and set with bar in the garden, saying:

Dear dog owners.

It is your dog not nachzuwerfen that he needs to poop.

And he does not know that he does not want this.

Please take it in the future with the legacy stem of your dog.

If they have no bag, they can just give you a Ding I Kacktüte.

Love from

Mr / Ms so and so.


I fear that the only way to prevent that strange dogs come off on your property, is to be prevented by a fence that dogs can enter the property.



Well .. Without knowing comes from Whose dog that is already difficult. The best solution is there a fence, but it costs money.

I always hope for reason, but know from personal experience that is this hope too often disappointed.

We ourselves still have this dog bag and if it does not happen in the deepest forest or an open meadow, then we use whatsoever.

-> Security Camera

Another solution I can not think.

Is indeed on its own soil. Since You can the.

We always make the dogs on the sidewalk at the house, we have to return. Also makes no fun to remove the pile there. But it is still doer if the dog owners grab the pile into Beutlchen - and then in our hedge. Unfortunately, we are there to monitor anything ...

Parking but please a sign:

"Love dog owners, unfortunately, I had to lay poisoned baits because of a rat infestation. Please leinen your dogs."

And then you spread small portions liverwurst in the front yard!

A sign with the words:

This garden is fertilized regularly - Dog poop is not welcome here.

Unfortunately, the dog can not help it that the bipeds are unreasonable at the other end ...

Here is a video surveillance will be set up in the next few days ...

40 big poop-bags from the roll cost at Rossmann (and in other drugstores) 59 Cent ...

It is very annoying ... I can understand your frustration ... There are many foolish dog owners traveling with little insight ...

We have solved the problem with a sign:

Shall we once sch..ßen in your garden?

Printed, laminated, mounted next to the striking Kackhaufen on a stick. It is read - at the moment is calm.

up fence, concreting, pond digging, lay barbed wire, ...

Fence around the garden, done.

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