Name for labrador dog

My friend and I got in July a black Labrador dogs and Search URGENT a name for him :-)

The best answer

My first dog was a black Labrador German Shepherd Mix and got me the name Shadow (my companion Shadow;)).

For me it is important that the dog name has a meaning, but describes his and my communicates or even the character of my dog.

My present Madame's way Nayeli - translated dry "I love you" .... background is how we have come together and have grown together to one another.

I therefore find it rather difficult to actually here to ask for your name, because you do not yet have your four-legged or durftet experience ....

My tip: Your friend should be simple spontaneous - believe me, it may be situations in life where you can think of immediately a name because of an event / action;)


  • Zeus
  • Marley
  • Sam (my)
  • biscuit
  • cookie
  • Champ
  • Grover


short, concise names are best for dogs that are usually short, as Seff, Bodo, Eddy, Deuff, Sigi, Zapp, Nero, Olaf, Sheik, Bruno, etc ...


Marley I find nice for a labrador

perhaps Samy, Jago, Charlie, Smudge, Anges, Oskar or Harry

Or call him in the city sometimes with "rogue you" then all drehn to you by: D

Grover, Oscar, Enzo

Rocky's cool! :) Or Sammy :)

Idefix (Hope you spell it so) :)

In July? And as you seek now urgently a name? The dog is still not yet born - or? Man kanns exaggerate.

Lenni, louts, Cooper, Benni

Jeans: D

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