Name of dog wanted l

We want to buy us a dog, but can look forward to some no name, what name would you give him.?. Male, Labrador Redriver, blond

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if you have the Lütten at home, then you know how you ought to call him

Sammy, Sandy, Franz Esco, Lorence, Cookie, Mally, Marley, Prince, Fluke, Leon, Goldie, Chester, Mustard, Luigi, Idefix, Snoopy, Snoey, Pongo, Tramp, mosquito, fly ... I can think now a lot name, and you still not occurred?


Best wishes

Chelsey77 <3

Lenny / Lennard or Sammy, perhaps named after a Fictionalen figure you like to like ....; D !!!!

Sky, × i (so called my. (Is so funny when you call in the forest NEM taxi haha ​​da peeps all) my other name was Randy :)

Why do leaves delete my answer, in which I pointed out that dogs do not have a name, do not come with high probability of serious Origin ?!

Again: When a reputable breeder, the puppy names that are registered with the Zuchtverband get. Also animal protection dogs have allermeistens already a name.

But, as you wrote in your comment to my answer, the dog of a farm, the parents comes purebred.

In "a farm" should first alarm bells.

However, there are certainly farmers reputable, a Stud book belonging breed.

Purebred parents are only with papers of a breeding association!

Any "health certificates" from any vet and vaccination certificates are no papers in this sense!

Benjy, lucky, rambo ...

Gillette Abdi, Adolf, Lamborghini, Tiger tanks and mayonnaise

Cortisone, bacillus (I also find really cute), gollum, hormone (from the English), snorkeling, tincture ... Hope I could help you;)

Benny or buddy

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