Nasal mucosa often swells then again! Have no colds!

Whenever I go to bed at night swells the nasal mucosa to erwas then again from then on again, etc. Why is that? Have no colds. Was dependent (for children) recently about about 3 weeks nasal spray but then I threw from now on the same spray and now I have the evening when the problem lie that the nasal mucosa short swells and then subsides immediately. When I sit down or stand then that is not the case with with swelling of the nasal mucosa. Goes back past that is still the side effects from the spray? Thanks for your answers in advance.

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So just can not say it. Either you have a "light" sinusitis because the secretion is transferred into your Nasennebenhölen while lying, or is it actually a side effect of the nasal spray.

I recommend you there really time to go to the ENT doctor before it gets worse.

did you think at times an allergy? But the theory with the aftermath of a nasal spray dependency could also agree go in any case to an ENT

Alergie ?!

So the same for some time had long then or to sneeze and but this long months recurring. When I was at a loss as my ha I had an allergy test to make the then positively MITES any kind were thus removing carpet and replacing parquet, Extra covers for mattress blanket and cushion regularly vacuuming as wipe and the problem was gone. So possibly even an allergy test that can make at any time after a flu infection-ie change who you've ever taken a test that ergebniss not stay have your life the same.

It could be that you have a dust mite allergy and therefore approaching your nose as soon as you lie down you.

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