Nausea - studies with negative results

Hello My daughter (17) suffers repeatedly from nausea. And has been for about 4 years. Sometimes more sometimes less. Lately it has become worse again. She has seen many investigations endure. Always without findings. I was with her even at my naturopath, but could not help my daughter. I know so slowly no longer continue and hope that I get one or the other advice here.

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Long-term sickness without particularly apparent reason can sometimes also be caused by an allergy. Ward you there once the allergy?

Otherwise, I advise you to dodge instead of medical practitioner to an osteopath. Although the works similar to the medical practitioner, but his craft learned better. You have to clarify whether this pays for osteopathic treatments just before your own insurance. Unfortunately, this is the case, not at all, but already many health insurance companies.

Nausea in children and adolescents is often caused mentally and has no physical cause. Have you ever thought about to bring in a child and youth psychotherapist?

More I can not advise you, unfortunately. I myself had many indefinable symptoms which have dissolved over time by itself in air in adolescence. This is of course for you now is not the appropriate solution to simply ignore the problems, but maybe it's also a little reassuring.

In any case, I would look the lead with the allergy test in the way ... to substances that are not so common.

All the best

Observe whether that happens in times of stress. Then you should consult a psychologist, or possibly go to a / n alternative practitioner. When Gynokologen you were surely?

Perhaps stress or fear of something

It is often at this age spiritual things, prepare the abdominal pain. Stress at school, other problems ..... was a Helicobacter pylori excluded ?? Food intolerances ???

ever gone with the certificates to non findings to Psycholgen. I know it sounds illogical erstmal. But the fact is that a nausea, vomiting has a psychological background. discuss best times with the family doctor and then can also be remitted.

get well

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