Neck-cracking force harmful?

Jouu, I for a long time forcing cracking my nape almost always by a strong after right- and left-leaning of the head. Neuderdings I need to increasingly leftward and rightward leaning so because something cracking but without this crack I do not feel so well ... (not completely but I realize just that it takes a crack). Is that healthy ? And if so, why then a kind of builds tolerance to the time when it cracks?

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Hello! If the cause is a compulsion as it is medically a "tick". Often harmless - by the neck one should think otherwise. Especially the neck there are many possible injuries and not all are harmless. Over the neck also extend major nerve pathways that are responsible for controlling the entire body. In the neck there is a so-called neck band (nuchal ligament). This is a band of elastic connective tissue. It has to support the task of the cervical spine back and help the people in permanent running.

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I did this time also times ne long. Now I have it often is banned in the neck. Then I have to force painful cracking, then it'll be better. And if I have bad luck I have a month left at every turn of the head, a slight crack.

If you do not make regularly that might otherwise be dangerous

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