Need a good excuse for circumcision


I (15 years) be circumcised from medically-necessary reason next Monday. If then comes the question, why I can not go to school to make (at this Monday) and the physical education with, I would not say that this is due to a circumcision.

I am now seeking for a good excuse. At best would do something with your doctor, because I anyway get a medical Arthest.

Thank you in advance! :-)

The best answer

Is with you because circumcision really necessary?

I know that your surgery date is on Monday - but I also know that many circumcisions are totally unnecessary.

Have at thee foreskin sustaining, conservative measures conducted Among eg fall Dehntherapien or ointment therapies -?. You have your doctor been advised?

If this were done (and failed are), you have your doctor advised regarding vorhauterweiternden surgical techniques? Triple-incision? Foreskin plastic?

If not, then your doctor you did not properly informed - and you should personally get a second opinion and not just let you go under the knife.

Circumcision can be avoided at a constriction - and it brings so many disadvantages that vorhauterweiternde operation is clearly preferable.

Circumcision removes thousands of nerve endings foreskin - all of which are important for the nice feeling during sex. Therefore Circumcision results in a significant reduction of pleasure and sensitivity that is irreparable - that's why I advise you from a circumcision.


I had the same case ;-) Is already a bit ago, but I still remember that I said that I was at the doctor and groin had then submitted .. Have the doctor the athest. As is indeed nothing special on it ...

Did you well informed you if this is really necessary circumcision medically? Were previously all other possibilities, such as carried out the Dehnterapie? If in doubt once hol'll tell you the date from and prefer a second opinion before you are possibly operated unnecessarily.

Just say you have a doctor's appointment wchtigen) basic spine or something: p

Can but your teachers motivate, privately, if he wants to have an ever because you've got your arthest. nothing is bad at.

Just say you'll lifeguard or Kanalreiniger always works

So I would say that my leg is sprained. Alternatively, tell what you have without the part with circumcision. Good luck.

Maybe something sprained or pinched a nerve

Easy, was at Artzt must not first!

A: Hey where were you on Monday? B: I went to the doctor Kieferotopäde -

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