Need dringed help for my dog ​​...

Hi first..
So I just'll start .. I have since he was a little puppy was still a friendly, faithful, now 10-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog .. He also acts actually like a happy dog, but with a sad fate :(

For my best friend has been suffering for a few years under severe epilepsy (Those are spasms in the brain). He had until recently not really big problems with it .. He has the veterinarian while getting medication for it but this help not really, so we stopped there to give it.

Then last year at carnival he who "thanks" loud music another attack and has wanted us. Some understand this now maybe not because you think he can look us in spasm .. I do not know exactly how, repays he thought when we were at the carnival train that we may have gone up and he is somehow, I have no idea how he did it, but the stairs must be "climbed".

Well then he must have a stroke in the seizure and fell down the stairs. He has this nose broken ...

Luckily that was not quite as bad as first thought ... But he has unfortunately still a paralysis in both hind legs and just not much like before. Well he is already an old geezer; (

Aufjedenfall all was not enough ... I've noticed a few days ago that he has something strange between the hind legs, but have my first thought nothing of it .. You say probably now "Yes why not can I watch because right after? " Very easily. He has already experienced so much bad, and now I did not even notice something new about him, bringing his death in more detail ..

It did indeed never like he was in pain or something, he ate normally. He never disjoint, or behaved strangely while walking .. Well no matter, repays as I have now but looked, I noticed that one of his testicles swollen ....

And this realization was two days ago ... you would probably yell at me if you could see me now why I write in here and not go to the vet immediately. But if you so ask a question, then you can probably do not understand me ...

You know, I'm scared, and very. I do not want to lose my best friend. What if I go to the vet with him and the diagnosis is what I expect, malignant tumor and it must be eingschläfert. What if he is put to sleep right there ?? Since I drive him to the doctor and think he is Operates and he'll be better, and then NO, he is put to sleep ??

So what ? "Are you are a Tierquäler you you had no dogs fetch" You think now, or "With something you'd have to expect that he has to go sometime". Of course ... but I can not lose him, not so ...

The best answer

If something is really bad (and it is IHCT always) you get certainly a possibility your dog "Bye" to say. Sure, it's hard, but sometimes it has to be when the animal simply has nothing more from life.
My Ma (actually my) euthanize her dog late last year, the animal had up and down cancer.
Had I not had a say would the dog died five months earlier, without pain, without the need to burst the ulcer. Yes, would have been wenns hard, I would have done it. The last few months has the woof so many painkillers get that she could look almost straight, it might hardly eat and could hardly stand up. If you scratched it was felt everywhere under the skin, the bump, the chest was getting bigger, just like a tangerine, then like an orange and finally a grapefruit, which was then too much for the skin.
I got me swore that my (jeziger) dog must never go through it.

examine let your dog, it may be something totally harmless, or at least still possible that you can wegoperieren it before it is really Doll. Is nothing to be done to thank him for the Ziet you had let him go off to cling to the last brings you two anything.

must never be the drugs deposed, even if one thinks that they do not help. Your veterinarian is also quite incompetent for that matter on epilepsy. But nowadays but all have Internet and there you can but in detail about this subject. When my Aussie severe epilepsy was I not only heard it, what the vet says, but have received any information about epilepsy. If a dog with epilepsy must remain alone, precautions must be taken to protect it. Stair access must be secured with a child grid, everything put away that could be knocked over. We always left our in vacated hallway, the tiles were covered with anti-slip carpet mats so that it does not slip. If a testicle is swollen you go to the vet. even if you're afraid that's what bad. Dogs often do not show when they are in pain. In my Aussie I have only noticed because he was panting often. In your place CIH would choose another vet, better would be an animal hospital. I had to also redeem my dearly beloved Aussie Christmas, a difficult and tearful decision. Even today, it is a painful feeling that I never see him again, but we were to be so responsibly him go. Also you should be fair and it's also not told that your dog must be put down.

This is really sad but it's better to facilitate the death of him for the dog. After all, he is sick and would probably not so easy to heilen.Das but more efforts for him of course mean simply can not by his friend there trennen.Wenn your Endscheidung then do not let influence you by others. Your dog is doing certainly good, despite the pain because of you. So if you endscheidest euthanize you for then stay with him währed of Vorgangs.Aber if there is a possibility to operate upon him I would definitely try to make possible. Good luck,

"River spring"

Go to the vet, only he can tell you what's going on and what to do. I got to let go before the big decision of my beloved dog and it is also ANIMAL LOVE to say one year ago: You need no longer torment you, and may go. I stayed until the end with him and had him buried in the pet cemetery. I then fell into a big hole and it does still hurt today. But my little one is now in the rainbow country and does not have any pain. In the history of your friend, I do not think that he still has quality of life or fun in life - only dogs show or we humans can not or will not recognize it. So do not think of you and your pain, but to your friend and his pain (not just physical).

When a malignant tumor has been detected early, has not spread and is then removed, the chances are very good that the dog is free of cancer. Our dog has cancer but also lived for a while pretty good. Now, if you're going to the vet, the probability is high that you can not help him. And if he has no signs of suffering, I do not believe that it is so bad that it has to be equal euthanized. And believe me, I understand you. But perhaps it is still early enough and the cancer has not spread.

Race him to the vet because he is helped. It's selfish to think of you only to yourself. Sometimes death can be redemption. And you have the option to redeem him from the pain that is also a kind of love.

Go to a vet and let him be the first time a nschauen. Here you can not tell whether it is benign, malignant or a nest full of cute butterflies. Perhaps it may indeed be durhc drugs even treated so that the subsides without surgery. That you can say only a doctor and you have because out easily.

It is indeed irresponsible, you were not already there, no matter what is his background, waiting by the you did it possibly worse.

I also can not understand that one leaves an Epi dog alone and yet for a reason such as Carnival. Since then you have just get a sitter or make the house Dogs Safe. Of course, none assumes that to happen, but just in something you should be careful.

Go directly to the hospital, which has check open and let him. Such things can go very goofy backwards out and maybe you just beneficial effects with his death.

So now you listen to to spin the wheel and to have compassion with you. Reiss yourself together and go to the vet. For Berner your dog is just very old.

Well no matter, repays as I have now but looked, I noticed that one of his testicles swollen.

A 13 j mongrel dog in the neighborhood had also, he was castrated and lives the rest of his life. You see, it is quite well run. So off to Doc.

I have a nearly 12 j dog and me shudder to know that his watch slow? - fast? expires.

It is this fear drives me the smallest pimple on TA.

I can not just pretend as if nothing yet. I have responsibility.

And if the TA one day says that the clock of my dog ​​has expired, then I will follow this path with him, keep him in the arm.

Your bad wrongdoing was that you have your dog not given the drugs against epilepsy constant ... I see it this way: you have the Medis, which can be quite expensive so, considered unnecessary and ineffective ... That was a Error!!!

A Grand time with stroke - who has that got diagnosed ??? And then to the accident ... I almost think you have stayed with your Bernese not even in the animal hospital ...

Your dog is very sick - almost I think he is already on the way towards Rainbow Bridge ...

Now even the severe swelling of the testis, or a testicle ... This can be a harmless swelling, water retention ... But that has to very quickly a veterinarian all ... Are you afraid of a surgical or maybe more before which belong to the cost to you ???

No veterinarian lulls a dog, if the dog does not have to expect a life worth living ...

But my honest opinion about your rather scanty information is really well looked after, veterinary care and lovingly handled have you not the dog! And now knocks on your conscience ...

Well .... I'm really sorry for you, but if you really love him, and he really has a tumor, you have to let him go, that is the only correct one, my dog ​​is euthanized today due to a too late noticed tumor been, and yes! It is me very hard!

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