Need fast a good smartphone because my old just give up the ghost?

I would like to one that holds around 3 years to come. Would prefer me the brands Samsung, LG and Sony. Also a good battery life is important to me and the price should not be more like 350-400 euros. The rest is actually relatively unimportant to me :-)

The best answer

Sony Xperia m2. Did I even and for 179 euros a bomb handy: D

So I got a samsung s5. I'm totally happy with it. But had never crack in a handy one, even if the constantly falling down.

No fun so I'm a s5 and battery and camera leistungsmäsig very satisfied. And otherwise very good smartphone

Look at times in the Z series of sony The phones are quick and have good performance and also hammer cam and Waterproof I hope could help you

And how about a Lumia? For example, 930, 830 or 640 - currently great.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is really good and so kostest 200 € only and is really a good price

Do not the S5 xD camera is broken without something happens .. just so torn disc .. well the S4 is nice .. IPhone5S ..

Motorola Moto G 2nd generation 200 € with 16GB

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